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Android and iOS Devices Strength and Weakness

March 3, 2013 | Leave a comment(1) Go to comments

Android and iOS both have some strengths and weakness with them. When you are thinking to buy a smartphone then it is very difficult to decide which smartphone is better. Both Android and iOS smartphones have very good features and capabilities and choosing one is difficult. If we observe closely then we come to know that there are small key differences between Android and iOS devices.

Choice of selecting android VS iOS is depends upon you, what features you are looking for. Major point is what you want to do on these two devices and then go further in details: are required features available or not, or which one is providing those features or which is very close to provide your requirements. Android VS iOS comparison is made in this article to give you an idea of strengths and weaknesses of android and iOS devices.

Android and iOS Devices Strength and Weakness

iOS VS Android

iOS VS Android

Apple iOS Strength and Weakness:

Apple devices hardware and Operating System is build for each other. Apple designed its OS to run only on single type of hardware architecture for this purpose devices are well polished, fast, smart and much reliable.

Apple is very strict and restricted to provide a variety of apps. Apple enforce many policies and restrictions while dealing with apps.There are many website who write a lot about the benefits of iPad but iOS is much weaker in senses of creativity. iPad and iPhone interfaces are very user friendly and even a small child can pick it and learn all the functions of iPad or iPhone. Apple iOS device is for those who want to take observe existing products without producing their own creativity.

iPhone and other Apple iOS devices have good battery life, first iPhone did not have good battery but now latest iOS devices have good quality of battery and doesn’t required to charge every day.

Android and iOS Devices Strength and Weakness

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Apple has giant market of video games for all iOS users. Apple has its own delegated companies who are developing good and attractive video games for iOS devices. Apple iOS devices are much important for music and medical industries because iOS devices are capable of running apps for both these industries. Apple smartphones are much popular than any other and it has a lead on all other smartphones including the smartphone of Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry and Nokia.

Apple iphone is better in Gaming, better control on device, Easy to use, battery life, better keyboard, update release and Music player apps.

Android Devices Strength and Weakness

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