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App Store Has Above 3 Times More Revenue Than Google Play Store

February 1, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

How amazing would it be to know that even though Android is more famous than Apple, still Apple’s App Store has somehow managed to get more revenues than Android’s Google Play. Sounds like a shocking news, but it is true as App Store in December has earned 3.5 times more revenues than Google Play. Now you must have been thinking that according to reports market share of Android are more than Apple then how come this is possible, but the main thing is to have a gripping product and that is what Apple has. Apple launched its main products, iPhone 5 and iPad mini, which attracted a lot of sales, therefore both of these play a role of contributing factors in the increase of App Store revenues, according to the statement of App Annie. However, no exact number of the revenues has been revealed yet, but still research firm states that the earning of App Store has grew one – fifth from 4th quarter of 2012 to 3rd quarter.

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The month of December 2012 had been lucky for App Store as its earnings increased by one – third. In addition to this, Apple stated its earning from App Store from June to December and that was $333 per month. Further according to a report, the countries which are accountable for the 60% of the earnings are Japan, US, UK, Canada and Australia where China has been the sixth most important country in this regard, App Store’s earning.

It is pretty amazing that Apple still managed to nail it even after losing its market share to Android. This means Apple has not completely lost the race yet, because it is its second victory after the success of the iPad mini. If this trend leads, then we should expect another boost in App Store’s earning after the launch of 128GB iPad 4.

We can definitely conclude this with a note that no matter what happens, but Apple knows how to make its come back.

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