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Apple Continuously Improving iOS 6 Maps App

May 10, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Last March, Apple expanded the 3D Flayovers maps for iOS 6 users. In last iOS 6 Maps app, Apple added the 3D maps of 12 U.S cites. Today, Apple includes the building of Paris, France and neighbouring areas in 3D maps. A famous French blog presented a report today in which blog shows the data of new added cites of Paris and France.

Until now there is no iOS 6 based web pages that has provide the confirmation of these new added cities. Apple is not saying much about this improved and new maps interface on any website.

If we deeply observe the series of little updates releases from Apple, we can say Apple is continuously improving the reliability and accuracy of Maps to provide latest and correct information’s. In the month of February, Apple open the vacancies for the new software engineers jobs to improve the iOS 6 Maps app. Apple company is well familiar with this fact that company has limited manpower and this is the basic reason behind the Apple’s Maps uncertainty as compared to Google maps. Google is continuously busy in building its cloud base maps from previous 8 years and this reason is behind the Google Maps popularity and reliability.

Apple Continuously Improving iOS 6 Maps App

A view of Disneyland.


At the end of 2012, a report indicated that Apple was very interested to hire the software engineer’s team who had developed the Google Maps and for this purpose Apple offers very good salary packages. However, this effort was made to develop iOS 6 Maps app for latest devices.CEO of Apple said few months ago that iOS 6 Maps app is improving day by day.

Now days another rumor is wondering on the net that Apple is now interested in buying Waze. Last not the least, TechCrunch said that world largest social website Facebook is buying waze at a cost of $1 billion.

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