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Apple fixed the security hole found in iForgot Page

March 24, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Recently a bug was found in the Apple security system that was pretty dangerous, because anyone with your birth date and email address can change your Apple ID password. Obviously this is dangerous because your date of birth is, these days, written and shown on every account, besides your entire close and distant friends are aware of your birth date and email address. Thus it was a major security threat. On the contrary, I wonder that why Apple does has to face such security issues? Anyways whatever the problem was, it is solved now and that was quick. This security hole was reported by Christian. This hole was discovered in the morning and now the next thing we know is that Apple has resolved the problem.


Apple instantly got the iForgot page down after witnessing the vulnerability of the page. And within few hours the page was restored after it was fixed and there was nothing to worry about. Apple took this issue behind its back as soon as possible.

The first one to report this issue, security hole, was The Verge. The process could be handled by anyone by entering the date of birth in a modified URL. Anyone with a little brain could easily point out this in the beginning. This came into the scene right after Apple introduced its two step verification process. Anyhow the problem has been solved now and the page is completely safe again. But if you are still concerned about your security, then I would recommend you to use the two step verification process.

What do you think of Apple after this? Do you think Appleā€™s security is really a big concern when it comes to reliability? Let us know of your opinion on this. Please leave a comment below.

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