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Apple Goes To India With Apple TV Release

February 20, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

It would not be a surprise if I say that Apple’s sale in India has multiplied over time. The company had acted accordingly and has made its appearance stronger in the market with 1.25 billion people by releasing its Apple TV, a third generation product of Apple. This device costs Rs. 7,900, which get around $150. Typically a set-top box costs $99 in US, but in the BRIC countries, due to their increased VAT and import taxes, it demands high premium.

iTune Store

Apple’s growing terms with does not end only with iPhone 5, last year, and Apple TV. In fact, the 56 countries, where Apple officially launched the iTune Stores, includes India too.  However, there is one thing that shocked me and that is the no coverage of Apple releasing BGR in India. In the processing of knowing more about this news, I did not come across any Apple’s India web page that also shows the ads of Bollywood movies on the iTunes Store of India.

One thing interesting is that Indian consumers will now be able to the iOS apps, television shows, movies and music on the iTunes Store and App Store with the Indian rupees instead of seeing only dollar price. In this regard, ThinkDigit was informed by an Apple representative that company is looking forward to take on board some local material too like it did in Germany.

However, it is pretty weird finding Apple quite on this note, because no one has found Apple bragging about its increased partnership with India. In addition to this, no one even released an air of Apple TV launched in India. Last we heard from Apple and India, Apple was negotiating with the Indian authorities for giving the complete rights to its local store, but the countries policy is not to give full own and operate rights to any foreign brands moving in India.

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