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Apple got hold of an indoor GPS company WiFiSLAM in $20 million

March 25, 2013 | Leave a comment(1) Go to comments

News of the day has arrived and that news is related to Apple’s struggle to make its GPS system a biggest hit of the time. The basic ideas behind acquiring an indoor GPS company are to improve its GPS system and to compete with Google’s mapping feature. The company name is WiFiSLAM and it consisted of the handful of employees that included former Google software engineers and Stanford graduates. The company was acquired in $20 million.


This story was stated by Jessica Lessin of The Wall Street Journal and she reported that Apple took over an indoor GPS company WiFiSLAM, staetd as Silicon Valley-based company by the person who knew the matter, in $20 million. This company was only two years old and it developed a way via mobile apps to detect the phone’s location in a building using the WiFi signals. The company has further offered its development to application developers for indoor mapping.

The concept of pinpointing the position of phone’s user is a known fact and it is has been happening for a while now, but the new concept of time will, definitely, be the pinpointing someone’s location in a building with the help of Wi-Fi signals. Although the company is small, but it had made a lot of money from angel investors, which also included Google’s Don Dodge.

Now most of you must have been wondering that what Apple can take out of the company which is only two years old. But the secret lies under the Google-Apple war. The point is to compete with Google’s mapping space and with this, Apple certainly will be going one step ahead from Google. Although Google already supports the indoor mapping, but that only works for some specific venues.

Apple has also confirmed this acquiring. Now let us see how it will be using it.

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