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Apple maintains its position in sour Computer Market

January 4, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

According to Forrester Research global corporate spending on Windows PCs and Tablets fell by 4%. There is a huge demand of Windows 8 devices instead of old Windows PCs. people are gradually going to Windows 8 tablets and devices and there is less usage of old Windows PCs. But Apple which is most famous company of idevices and computers is “one vendor that will buck this trend,” the research firm said in its report. Apple company is expected to sell $7 billion worth of Macs and $11 billion of iPads this year. In fact decline in Windows PCs usage due to Windows 8 devices and smartphones everyone is doing their tasks on these devices, Apple has seen great demand for the Macs for the business as well as for the bigger companies.


“Unless the vendor’s name is Apple or perhaps Lenovo, the computer equipment market will still struggle in 2013, with no better growth in sight until 2014,” Forrester said in its report. “The 4 percent growth in PCs in 2013 looks more promising, but that is mostly due to growth in tablets, which we count in the broader PC category. It will not be until 2014 when the economic expansion strengthens that CIOs will feel confident enough to commit funds to refreshing their aging stack of PCs, servers, storage devices, and peripherals.”

There are much more companies which adopt iPad for their employees for the business uses. So Apple proved their position in PCs world through their Macs as well as iPads. And now there is trend of Macs and idevices instead of old Windows PCs.


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