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Apple Provides Three Images In Lawsuit Against Samsung

August 5, 2012 | Leave a comment(1) Go to comments

iPhone vs Samsung

As many of us have read the news about the legal action Apple has taken against the Samsung regarding the copying of its iPhone design i.e patent infringement of its smart products. Recently Apple has provided three images that are depicting the relationship between the Apple products and the changes in the design of Samsung products which clearly shows how the recent design available in the market was changed drastically over the last two years.

You can click below images to view in large size.

iPhone vs Samsung Product Timeline

iPhone vs Samsung

iPhone vs Samsung Smartphones

iPhone vs Samsung

iPhone vs Samsung Tablet Product Trends

iPhone vs Samsung

You can observe these pictures and understand easily what has happened and whether it is legal or not. What do you think about the Samsung design and the lawsuit against it by Apple? Give your comments.

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