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Be a Healthy with Fig app – Useful wellness guide for body and soul

January 3, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Everybody knows that health is very precious gift of GOD. In simple words Health is Wealth. There are much more people who want to loss their weight and maintain their body, and there are also more people who want to make more friends  or travelling . So if you are also interested in these thing then keep in touch with Fig app. Fig is a smartphone app for Android and iOS both. Fig is very useful app that makes it easy to improve your health by taking some simple steps. Fig app is not only for your health but it is about for your mental improvement and social health too. Fig features ‘activities’, healthy tasks that you can perform to improve your well-being, these are divided into categories, such as “eat”, “move”, “connect” and “refresh”, focusing on different aspects of healthy lifestyle.

Fig app

The app’s founder and manager Kevon Saber said about this app:

“It’s not about six-pack abs — it’s about a transformational journey that involves community.” Wondering what “Fig” stands for? Figs are in fact the symbol of wellness and well-being  aside from, of course, being a really sweet fruit. It aims to make self-improvement achievable and enjoyable.

Fig-iPhone You can download Fig for Android from Google Play and Fig for iPhone from the iTunes App Store and  it is free app for both OS platform.

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