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Manage Pictures, Messages and Contacts on Android Via PC without USB

Android Smartphone’s are not simple phones but they have many other functions too that make them actually smart. Camera is an important and essential thing for any Smartphone.  Picture quality of phone’s camera also plays an important role in the price of a device. If we have Smartphone then we have actually a camera, our favorite songs album, videos and much more with us. Whenever we go for outing and picnic our phone memory is suddenly full if we take too much pictures. So after taking too much photograph there is need to transfer these on somewhere, which is less likely to get lost like PC. Normally android users uses the Dropbox to save media files on PC but there is another way of managing media files using the Google Chrome extension on PC. SnapPea is a new app that enables the android users to manage media files via Google Chrome. You need to install Snapea app on your Phone …

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How to access Android devices wireless Hotspot tethering without Root

The most useful feature of any Smartphone, tablet, laptop and in computer is the Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.  Hotspot is some thing that is provided within every Smartphone, mostly it is invisible in devices even when you surf on web pages you may not get the same experience as you enjoy on external device. Hotspot Control is a very good android wireless app that enables the android users to enjoy the hotspot feature if they have the issue of accessing their hotspot settings. This android wireless app will Turn On and Off the portable hotspot function in your android device, in some devices you can find it under the settings but in some devices it is hidden and visible only when you insert a SIM card. There are many android wireless apps to provide hotspot functionality but all apps required the root access in order to work. Therefore, the main difference between Hotspot Control app and other existing android wireless …

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Best Method to Root / Jailbreak Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Using Chainfire Auto-Root

Rooting and jailbreaking of android and iphone is very useful because it give you options to run those apps that are normally not possible to enjoy on non-rooted or non-jailbreak smartphones. By rooting your android phone you can enjoy the real potential of your device. when ever a new operating system come in the market then developers start developing the rooting methods. Chainfire has successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy S4 before it release and now you can root Samsung galaxy S4. Samsung tried a lot to make the rooting of Samsung Galaxy S4 difficult or impossible but the talent of rooting community successfully breaks the all restrictions and limits imposed by the Samsung. A complete tutorial is provided below to Root the Samsung Galaxy S4 in just 6 steps. Rooting of Samsung Galaxy S4: Disclaimer This method is only for the rooting of Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE GT-19505 with firmware XXUAMD2, So don’t try this rooting firmware on other devices. …

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The rumoured Facebook-Android phone’s OS will be called Facebook Home

Lately there has been huge hype created for the Facebook media event that will be taking place in its headquarters. Some people predicted that it will be a revamped Facebook app version, whereas some people predicted that it will be a Facebook phone, because there are rumors that Facebook has taken HTC on board for this purpose. This topic has been in news for a while now. But now there has been a rumor that says Facebook will unveil a Facebook phone on its upcoming media event. This new phone will be running a new fork Android user interface, however even the name of this version has been decided, which will be Facebook Home. The name, certainly, goes with the social networking theme and this is what it is being called. This name was revealed in a report of 9to5 Google. The report stated that the tagline “Come See Our New Home on Android”, written in the invitations, has made …

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What Facebook will be showcasing in its media event – revamped Android app or a smartphone?

After the arrival of Google Plus, Facebook has been quite active in terms of updating its software and in terms of bringing something new. Obviously Facebook does not want to lose its race against other social media platforms. But this time it is thinking of doing something different than what other social platforms have been doing. Thinking what can it come up with? Well I will tell you just in a while what I have in my mind, but before that I would tell you the time, date and venue of the media event. It will take place in the headquarters of the company at1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park on 4th April, Thursday. The scheduled time for the event is 10:00 PST. Now after all the details have been given I will tell you what the big news can be. Previously there were rumors about Facebook that it is working on its phone. I know, no one believed it …

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Motorola will be releasing three more phones other than the X Phone in 2013

Everyone is excited about the phone that has not even released yet in the market, but its hype has still managed to corner the decisions, of many Android lovers, of buying Samsung Galaxy S IV, HTC one and Sony Xperia Z and ZL (the famous flagship handsets at the moment). Previously Google has taken Motorola on board and this the first time they two are making a phone together. People suspect the upcoming phone will be the next model of the Nexus. The surprise and hidden X Phone has been in talks for quite a while thus we hear rumors about it this topic every now and then. However this should not be a surprise if i say that X Phone will not be only Google’s, it will also be tagged with Motorola brand name. Further this will not be the only phone Motorola is producing this year, because Moto is also working on more Droid for 2013. By keeping …

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OUYA shipment for pre-orders started, will board the market on 4th June

Who does not like playing games? Everyone plays something regardless of its 2D or 3D graphics, storyline and gameplay, because everyone has different choice in this regard some people likes it to simple, where some wants it to be complex. It is everyone’s personal preference. But all gamers who have taken this game craze to its extreme know that what does the word OUYA means. Recently OUYA delivered gaming consoles to developers in December and then it promised its people, who placed early orders that it will reach them in March on 28th. The company kept its promise because we are hearing the news related to the company shipment of its first batch of consoles for the people who pre-ordered these. Consider yourself lucky one that you made an early order for this console. If you have not heard anything on your order, then do not be worried as the company said that it will start rolling out the shipments …

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Sony’s Xperai Z might be able to make its place in the market after all

Who has not heard about the famous launch of this year, although it was not published much like Samsung’s S IV, but it does not mean that no one knows about this flagship device of Sony. Yes, you must have guessed by now, because Sony revealed two of its good handset this year and those are Sony Xperia ZL and Sony Xperia Z. Now if you are a tech savvy person, then you would know the difference between these two. There is not much difference, but one thing about Xperia Z that dominates Xperia ZL is its ability to be dust and water proof. This certainly sounds exciting and new because you do not normally hear this in smartphone world every day. Thus it has been the hot handset in the market. With this, we can quote the situation of Germany and Japan, where this handset completed sold out. Looking at the figures for Japan only, then Sony sold over …

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