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iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs (Video)

iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs Video So we all are wondering if the iOS 7 beta 2 is working fine or not? Well what we can say is that it is working and we updated it on our iPad without any UDID or developer account. Well by the way it is working but still there are many bugs in them (Which we have shown in the video below) The Bug that I Hate the most is that siri isn’t working! And that is not very satisfying When ever I press and hold the home button siri comes up for about 0.5 seconds like just in blink of an eye it disappears The second Bug which I hate the most is that many apps icons are not showing up It is okay cause it is beta version and in beta version all this happens and about the app icon I transferred  my apps from library to …

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How to Fix iPhone Black/Blue Screen and long Boot Problem

We not only use our iPhone for calls or SMS but we are addicted to use it for many other things too i.e. games, apps, camera and etc. there is no doubt that iPhone is leading and excellent smartphone among the others but different people have to face different issues while using Smart Phones For example the most common problems observed in iPhone are: iPhone is rebooted and stuck at load screen( or long boot), iPhone screen becomes blue or black after the charging, some time you connect your iPhone with PC, PC recognized but did not facilitate further and few similar problems. Mostly people suddenly get worried about such Apple Screen problems and think that their money is wasted but such issues are very easy to solve, you just have to do few things and then your problems will resolved. If you have such iPhone Black Screen and boot stuck type of issues then you are not the first person who is facing such problems,iPhone long boot …

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Cydia not opening after reboot iphone

Cydia not opening after I reboot iphone! this is very common and it happens almost with all people who jailbreak their iphones. The Cydia problem can be observed in different conditions i.e. when you have jailbroken idevice with working Cydia previously or a new jailbreak is done. Mostly problem happens when people are having tethered jailbreak and their device is rebooted, in that case many people don’t know that they have tethered jailbreak. Also in the case of tethered jailbreak both Cydia and Safari don’t work. Cydia not opening after reboot iphone – Tethered Jailbreak So you must first of all check whether you have a tethered jailbreak or not. If you have jailbroken ios 5.1 then it will be a tethered jailbreak and each time you will need to boot tethered using redsn0w via your computer so that Cydia and Safari will open smoothly, and as a best option you can upgrade to 5.1.1 or 6.1.2 and jailbreak using Absinthe or …

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How to Fix Google Now App Battery Draining Problem

Few days ago, new Google tweak GoogleNowEnabler was release to enable the jailbreak users to enjoy Google Now app outside the U.S. It is available at Cydia store under the ModMyi repository. When users download and installed Google Now app on their devices then they reported high power draining Problem in their iPhone. Users have noticed that iOS location icon remain on top even they close the app and it may be a possible reason, which is draining their mobile battery. How to Fix Google Now App Battery Draining Problem A person shared his problem on a forum that GPS icon is always appeared on the screen, which kill his iPhone battery, he said my iPhone 5-battery has lifetime of approximate 2 days but after installing Google Now app his device battery dead in 6 hours. But important thing which is notable at this point is that Google Now app does not require and use the GPS. At App store, …

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How to Navigating iDevices Even with the Faulty Home Key

In any iDevice, the most important button is the Home key because without it you are limited and cannot navigate your iPhone, iPad or iPod. According to a survey approximate each iDevice user press Home key 40 times in a day for doing different things on it. Some tasks, which you cannot do without Physical Home key or Faulty Home Key are: With Faulty Home Key navigating the iDevice is very difficult, irritating and challenging work. If you have original iOS mean you do not jailbreak your device then you will even unable to open the home screen without Physical Home key. Without Physical Home key, it is impossible to end the apps that are running in the background unless shut down the device. Without Physical Home key, no one can put the device in DFU mode. If you have faulty home key then do not worry Apple itself a provides a very good solution for navigating iDevice without physical …

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How To Fix iTunes Error 40 in Few Steps

iPhone user encounter with Error 20 or Error 40 when they try to restore device using the iTunes.  iTunes error 20 or error 40 occurs because of a security reason associated with the device and a middleware software.  On some machines a “hosts file” is blocked by apple from connecting to its server in order to verify the firmware. When iTunes tried to connect with server to verify IPSW then Apple software blocked it and give the error 20 or error 40. It is very easy to solve the iTunes error 20 or iTunes error 40 on iphone, you have to just perform few steps and then you will able to restore your device easily and get rid of iTunes error 20 or iTunes error 40. Requirements for fixing iTunes error 40 First of all you have to download the latest version of iTunes and click here to Download iTunes. Secondly ensure that your iphone USB cable is not damaged and …

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How to Enable Front HDR on iPhone to improve Front Camera

As we know iphone back/rear camera picture quality is very good as compared to front camera, it is not only case with the iPhone but every phone has better back camera as compared to front camera. A new tweak Front HDR is available for jailbreak devices that make your front camera to operate at high dynamic range (HDR) to improve its quality. With this Front Camera tweak you can enjoy approximately the same picture quality and picture result of front camera just like the back camera. How to Enable Front HDR on iPhone to improve Front Camera There are number of people who want to do different experiments with their smart phones and want many new things that are not come build-in. So tweaks are basically a gift or tool for them to do their desired things. This Front HDR tweak has some benefits as discussed above as well as some issues within it. Few problems that occur after the …

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How to fix Cydia error “wow, you exceeded the number of package names…”

When you update your jailbreak device with evasi0n or jailbreak iPhone/iPad with Evasi0n tool then many problems occurs. A problem arises after the evasi0n jailbreak is displaying of this Cydia error message: “wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of”. This is the first line of error and complete message contains few more lines but this sentence is enough to understand the Cydia source APT Error. Don’t worry, just relaxed, many Cydia errors and issues occurred after the Evasi0n released and we try to provide you quick and best solutions to resolved these Cydia errors and problems. So this Cydia source APT error is not difficult to solve and when you read the below paragraph you will be able to understand the cause and solution of this Cydia source APT error. How to fix Cydia error “wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of” Why does this Cydia error occur? …

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