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iOS 7 New Feature Enables Head Gestures (Video)

Most of us are aware of the new stylish flat design of iOS 7 with many many new features. After release of iOS 7 beta 2 there are still new things coming out on daily basis and now we have come across a new feature that is found in settings and called Switch Control although it is mainly intended for disabled persons who can utilize the iOS 7 devices using this feature but as a common user this can be a fun to control your idevice by moving your head. If you are one who is currently testing iOS 7 beta version you might be able to discover and check this new feature just go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Switch Control and turn the feature on, now using this feature one can interact with iOS without anything but a small head gesture. U can see the Demonstration Video below Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to …

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iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs (Video)

iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs Video So we all are wondering if the iOS 7 beta 2 is working fine or not? Well what we can say is that it is working and we updated it on our iPad without any UDID or developer account. Well by the way it is working but still there are many bugs in them (Which we have shown in the video below) The Bug that I Hate the most is that siri isn’t working! And that is not very satisfying When ever I press and hold the home button siri comes up for about 0.5 seconds like just in blink of an eye it disappears The second Bug which I hate the most is that many apps icons are not showing up It is okay cause it is beta version and in beta version all this happens and about the app icon I transferred  my apps from library to …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 which is Better to Buy

After the success of Samsung galaxy series smartphones, world has now strong trust on the Samsung devices and ready to accept the new devices with confidence. Millions of people buy the last product of Samsung galaxy S3 and found it very good and that’s why consumers have strong belief on Samsung and android combination. Samsung galaxy s3 is a standard or benchmark in the community of smartphone because of its excellent features and design. Just after the release of Samsung galaxy S3 and announcement of iphone 5, rumors related to Samsung galaxy s4 (features, designs, size and etc) were started on every technology or IT blogs. Finally all rumors have ended now and Samsung Galaxy S4 is released and it is time to compare Samsung Galaxy S3 with Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 which is Better to Buy Galaxy S4 VS Galaxy S3 (SIZE) Size of Samsung galaxy S3 was well appreciated by consumers and this …

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Google Glass will be released in 2013 under $1500 – Google Confirmed

At the Start of this year, there were rumors that Google Glasses will released in 2014 but the latest news from the Google indicated that may be this Glass will released at the end of 2013. Physically Google Glass frame will be similar to goggles or sun glasses that we use for eye sight or protecting eyes from sun heat. This Google glasses will fit with eye line or just a little above. Voice commands are used to control the Glass, you can able to take pictures, record 720p HD videos, send voice messages or write messages by  just saying “Take picture”, “Make video”, “close x app”, “open x app”, “write x sentence/word”,” erase x sentence/word”  and control much more with your voice. Google Glass will be released in 2013 under $1500 – Google Confirmed According to CNET Google Glass will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect with Android devices. Google Glasses will be compatible with Google apps. This Google …

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How to Display Android Notifications as Popups

When you are playing a game on android for a long hour and you are nearly to finish the level but suddenly a popup arise and cause your game to stop or disturb you its feel really frustrating. Similarly you are doing any other important thing and suddenly a popup or a message appears that badly disturbed you so we want to stop these messages because these popup in android really disturbed us while we are busy in playing games or any other task. Daily every smartphone users experience the number of notifications that appears and some time it is difficult to quickly finish them. SMS popup problem is not only faced by the android users but Apple users also have good notification center that disturb them consistently. And the worst thing is for those users who have enabled the push notifications in there smart phones that are sending them continuously every notification from facebook or twitter and etc. How …

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How to Use Flash to Take Pictures with iPhone Panorama app

Apple introduces the panorama mode in latest devices to shoot the images in all 360 degrees but it has a little problem.  When someone is taking pictures in this mode (mean when you takes pictures in dark area) than LED Flash does not work properly. Apple is may be thinking to fix this iPhone panorama mode problem or may solved this issue in  upcoming version but as usual the most active and quick service providers to iOS users is jailbreak community that  bring a tweak for you to solve this LED flash problem. Now you can take the pictures even in low light areas using this jailbreak iPhone panorama app. How to Use Flash to Take Pictures with iPhone Panorama app Flashorama is good tweak developed for this purpose, using this iPhone panorama app you can easily shoot the pictures when you are in dark, this iPhone panorama app add the white light in images you taken in darken areas. …

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Apple Beat the Samsung Smartphones in USA – 3 month Report Revealed

An analytic firm ComScore shared the report of last three months that Apple beat the Samsung in USA in the competition of smartphone selling. iPhone developers in USA are the high ranked seller of iPhone having 37.8 % market share in the month of January, 2013 where as Samsung is below the iPhone with 21.4 % share. This is another great achievement of Apple and Google have to look its mistake and find out the reasons of this great difference. This happen first time in the history of Google devices that it was defeated with such a great margin from Apple. Release of iPhone 5 is another reason that Apple beat the Samsung Smartphones. Apple Beat the Samsung Smartphones in USA – 3 month Report Revealed After the iphone and Samsung, HTC smartphone are at third position with only sale of 9.7 %. Motorola is at fourth position with 8.6 % share and LG is at fifth position with average …

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Vodafone offer WiFi access to the London Underground

Vodafone is very popular British multinational mobile service provider company in the world. It is the second largest mobile telecommunication company in the world and have 439 million subscribers as of December 2011. Its headquarter is in London. Vodafone operates networks in over 30 countries. There are million of users who facilitate by this service. Vodafone is spreading its network through out the world and improve their technology day by day. Vodafone is now offering WiFi access facility to the customers who live in London city and travel underground in the trains. Vodafone have started a new partnership with Virgin Media so that many customers can enjoy all the qualities of Internet while traveling underground across 92 Tube stations across London. This new service will not cost any extra money. Customers of Vodafone remember one thing that they have to be eligible to use WiFi on the London Underground or have a pay monthly plan that includes BT Wi-Fi access. …

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Node sensor gadget for iOS devices[ Video ]

There are much more amazing products has launched in Consumer Electronic Show in this year. Many technology companies tried their best to introduce some innovative products for the attraction of technology lovers. We have informed you about different new smartphones and other amazing gadget. Now we will tell you the new amazing gadget that will attract you. This product is called Node. The Node is a sensor gadget that connects with iOS devices and can measure temperature, moisture, colors and much more. The Node is developed by Gearge Yu. George Yu has worked at Department of Homeland Security and NASA. George Yu said about this sensor. It’s a highly flexible, advanced, sophisticated tool that will advance as time goes by. Put the Node’s entry-level Kore module houses the basic components, consisting of 2GB of memory as well as a battery, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.Node is white cylinder and resembles a roll of quarters and the Kore is priced at $149. iOS devices …

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Facebook $1 Paid Messaging Being Tested In The U.S

After the failure of IPO, Facebook has come to the point where it has started a new messaging system scheme. It is the $1 fee associated to the message sent by an unknown person who wants their message to reach your inbox and not the Other folder. This is only experimented in United States.