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Google Reveals Smart Contact Lens For Diabetes

Google Smart Lense For Diabetes

Good news for diabetes patients especially for those who are on insulin and need to check their glucose levels frequently over the day. Now Google revealed that one of his team is working on a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears. The company notes that over the years many scientists have investigated various body fluids, such as tears, in hopes of find a better way to track glucose levels. Google wondered if miniaturized electronics and an antenna thinner than a human hair might be the solution. We’re now testing a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material. We’re testing prototypes that can generate a reading once per second. We’re also investigating the potential for this to serve as an early warning for the wearer, so we’re exploring integrating tiny LED lights …

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Google Chrome Updated For Windows, Mac & Linux

download google chrome

Chrome is the one of the best internet browsers for Desktop computers and mobiles devices. Chrome 32 the latest build was released by Google for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Chrome Team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 32 to the Stable channel. 32.0.1700.76 for Windows and Chrome Frame and 32.0.1700.77 for Mac and Linux. This release contains a number of fixes and improvements, including: ● Tab indicators for sound, webcam and casting You can now visually scan your tabs for a speaker icon to quickly find the ones singing in the background. You’ll also be able to see which tabs are currently using your webcam or are being cast to your TV. ● A different look for Win8 Metro mode Manage multiple Chrome windows and quickly get to your favorite Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher. On the desktop, we’ve updated the default styling of UI elements like form controls and scrollbars to match the sleek …

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Unveiling of Android 4.4 KitKat Statue & Nexus 5 [Video]

Below is a video of unveiling the Android 4.4 KitKat statue in which it is believed that Google may have accidentally leaked its upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone. The Verge is first to indicate that employee taking picture of the statue was holding a Nexus 5 which is expected to be featuring 5.2-inch HD 1080p display, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, a 13-megapixel rear camera, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, LTE connectivity, a 2,700 mAh battery and Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Have a look on below video and give your comments, what is your opinion about new Android 4.4 and Google Nexus 5. Read More

How To Access Google Maps Off Line

You can access the Google maps off line when you are away from your WiFi connection this is very useful if you are not using unlimited data packages because if you cache your selected area on Google maps this will save lot of 3G data costs. Here is how you can cache Google maps for offline use: Open Google maps app version 2.0, and frame on your screen the map area which you want to save for offline use. Make sure it’s not too big although the app will inform you if its too large. In the search box type OK maps and tap search button on the keyboard, app will show for a while a message that it is pre-loading map after that you will see a confirmation in the bottom saying “The on-screen map area has been cached.” Enjoy the saved map without using your 3G data.

Google Nexus 7 Leaked Images & Video

Below I have given the leaked photos and video of new Google Nexus 7 tablet. The images are leaked on Android Central with a video which is actually private and you might not be able to watch it. Google Nexus 7 is expected to be unveiled at next Google event on July 24 in San Francisco. As mentioned on the site this device could be a prototype and not necessarily the final shipping product. What we’re looking at here is labeled as the ME571K_PR1_SKU2, again manufactured by ASUS. It should be one of (at least) two versions of the Nexus 7 successor — we’re expecting 16- and 32-gigabyte options, and it’s probably safe to assume we’ll see Wifi-only versions as well as models with cellular data connections. The specs slapped onto this little lost tablet include the expected 7-inch LCD display and, new this time around, a pair of cameras. There’s a 1.2-megapixel shooter from LITEONMOBILE on the front, and …

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Google Maps Updated To Version 2.0 To Support iPad

Google has updated the maps app recently with many many new features which are very useful for a common maps user. You can explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate your world with Google Maps, the mapping service trusted by more than a billion users. Now available on iPhone and iPad with a simple, easy-to-use design. What’s New in Version 2.0 New design for iPad Enhanced navigation including live traffic updates and incident reports Explore: A new way to browse and discover popular local places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep Simple 5-star ratings and reviews from friends, plus expert Zagat content Great deals from your favorite brands with Google Offers Indoor maps with walking directions for malls, transit stations, airports and more Download Google Maps v 2.0

Meet New Gmail Inbox [Video]

Almost all of internet users use the Gmail, and today we have come across a new development regarding gmail and now you shall see a new Inbox on the desktop, Android and iOS, Google’s is going to rock your inbox with new features like customiz-able tabs that will let to filter different types and from different sources i.e. from friends, social notifications, promotions, updates, tracking numbers etc. Meet New Gmail Inbox [Video]

Siri vs Google Now [Video]

CNET has released a video on YouTube about comparison between Siri and Google Now, they have pitted Siri and Google Now against each other in a live test.  They tried to provide similar situation for both devices so they used same WiFi connection to ensure the internet speed test is fair. After watching video it is very difficult to say which device is better then other, in my opinion each have their own pits and falls but I suggest iPhone 5 should get more votes but still it depends upon the use of each user.

Promote Business with Google Places for Business App From iPhone

We are observing from few months that Google is continuously releasing the apps for iOS devices without any hesitation of competitor and different platform. Google released Google maps and the million of iOS users download Gmail app for iOS devices and other Google apps for iOS. You can also download Google apps for iOS devices from here “Google Releases YouTube Capture App Free For iOS Users“. Recently Google releases an iOS app especially for business owners rather than all iOS users. Google brings Google Places for business for business owners so that they can advertise and promote their businesses and products with the help of Google maps. With Google Places for business app users can promote their business on Google Maps, Google plus and Google search. Google Places for business app is free and if you have business of anything then it is one of the best and easy opportunity to promote business for better earning and profit. Promote Business …

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Nexus 5 Alleged Specifications [Video]

The Nexus 4 was a great phone. Google and LG produced a phenomenal product, and priced it to perfection. The Nexus 5 is alleged to feature the same great price point, with increased specifications. Up first is the 5-inch, 1080p display. The majority of high-tier devices feature both of these components, and it is essential if Google and LG want to survive another year. In terms of processing power it will rock the Snapdragon 800 CPU coming in at 2.3 GHz. This will also be quad-core. Up next is 2 GB of RAM, and a 16-megapixel camera that will be made be Nikon. It will also rock LTE, and the next iteration of Android. Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie, will be released at Google I/O in mid-May of 2013. This conference will help us get a good perspective on what Android will do for the Nexus line in the upcoming year. The Nexus 5 looks promising, but if the pricing …

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