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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 Speed Test

iPhone 6 Release Dates

PhoneBuff has conducted an app launching speed test among famous. The test has shown that Apple iPhone 6 has beaten the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.  During the speed test phones were tested for launching a series of apps including the camera, photos, web browser,, Photoshop Touch, Google Earth, Temple Run 2, Fifa 14, Smash Hit, and Angry Birds. After which the same series of apps was then opened for a second time to test the multi-tasking abilities of each device. You can watch the speed test video below and give your comments about your experience of these devices.   Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to be updated follow us onTwitter, add us to your circle onGoogle+or like our Facebook page. Advertisement

HTC One Plus Leaked – HTC Threatens Video Poster

Below we have embedded a video which was released on YouTube recently, the video walks through some of the new features in HTC One Plus including other changes to the device. If you see below twitter conversation you can observe the harsh words from HTC representative. Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corp, contacted Roshan Jamkatel, the video’s poster on Twitter saying, “It’s not going to be a good week for you, my friend. :-(“.  Jamkatel said “? Its a fake phone cx”. To which Gordon replied, “We have the IMEI and all other info. We’ll be in touch.” also posted on this subject believing that Jamkatel’s father was an engineer at HTC and has since been fired. HTC has tracked the device down and it looks like one of his parents (reportedly his father, an engineer) has now been fired.  Watch the video below although it is a lengthy one.

How to Unlock HTC one X in Six Steps and Use Multi-SIM Cards

In this article HTC one X unlocking technique is discussed and at the end of this article readers will able to unlock HTC one X easily and quickly. HTC one X unlocking is necessary for everyone who does not want to use only one SIM, who want to switch between GSM carrier and simply who want to use more than one SIM cards on a single mobile. In the below method of HTC one X unlocking you need to contact your GSM carrier/ network providers or you have to take the help of unlocking websites.  The main advantage of this method is that all things are legal and there is no risk of device damaging and  damage to HTC one X unlocking. How to Unlock HTC one X in Six Steps and Use Multi-SIM Cards Following are the easy steps, which you have to do for HTC one X, unlocking:  Step # 1 : First of all find HTC one …

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HTC one Update is release to improve Camera, Sound and Bugs

HTC one has very good quality camera but HTC recently release the software update to improve and enhance the HTC one camera ability. This new releases HTC one camera  update (version 1.29.401.13) has 200MB patch size which consist of following advancements: improved device stability, update for location service, sound is enhanced to HTC Zoe, parameters of camera are tuned and previous bugs are fixed in HTC one camera  update. According to HTC, HTC one camera update will enable the HTC one users to capture the snaps quickly, with beautiful colors capturing ability even in low light conditions. This HTC improved camera feature is not gain by increasing the Mega Pixels but this feature is achieved by improving the CMOS sensor in HTC one Camera, ISP and optical lens that is capable of capturing more light as compared to 8 or 13 MP cameras. Front camera of HTC one is 2.1 Mega pixel which is very good and you can switch …

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HTC will overcome the component shortage of HTC One by the end of April

There was a great hype about the flagship handset of HTC called HTC One. People had many hopes associated to it as they thought that this handset will bring the HTC back to its original shape. Although we all know that HTC is good at its build quality and it offers pretty decent software system, but still HTC is not able to live up to the standards of even the people, who are not even tech savvy. HTC had this chance and it seems like it blew it again. First it did not offer much in marketing. People were expecting to see something good and attractive campaigns, but that all went down on the road to disappointment. Now there is another story that we encounter, these days, it is delaying in the HTC One’s components which is leading to major shortage cause in the markets. And now even the people who wanted to buy this handset are stuck waiting for …

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HTC one X Clock & weather widgets are Avaialbe for iPhone

If we take either Android or iOS apps or features, after some research we can conclude that once app is better than the other. Apple have some special polices related to the apps developing and providing to the users. When first apple iPhone was launched in 2007 that was not rich of apps and iOS widgets and Apple users always demand the more and more from Apple. This is the Jailbreak community that enables the iPhone users to really enjoy the wide Varity of apps and much more that is unable to provide Apple. HTC one X is one of the good and latest item of HTC Company. HTC has very good weather widgets as well as Clock widgets that are sense based. Hard working and delegated jailbreak team has recently developed a super and amazing Sense UI theme and the good point is that HTC one X weather widget and clock widgets is ready to work on jailbroken iphone. …

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HTC Mini is a remote control device for the HTC Butterfly

HTC is very popular smartphones made by Taiwan. These smartphones support Android as well as Windows Mobile operating system. HTC smartphones have a elegant design and it include much more features. The company is improving their technology day by day. Therefore in the smartphones competition HTC is one of the top list. Now HTC has launched a remote control device for its Butterfly smartphone. HTC Mini is a remote control device that connects to the smartphone through Bluetooth and helps you make calls without taking your smartphones out of your pocket. This Mini remote can also show messages, calendar and call logs on its monochrome display. If you plug your smartphone into your HDTV, HTC Mini can also be used to navigate through menus. Mini can also access your camera and also help you to locate your misplaced phone. There are no officially information about the price and availability of this device, but soon it will launch in the global market.

StandScan Smartphone Portable Scanner

When you hear about Scanner you always think about that’s old scanner, which is connected to a computer and which is a large size scanner. In that scanner you can scan your documents through a computer with a complicated procedure. But If you have a smartphone with a camera you can scan your documents, photos and everything you want by the help of StandScan portable scanner. If you take a picture of your documents with the help of your smartphones, it will not capture clearly due to handshake or distorted angles therefore StandScan smartphone portable Scanner is best for you, which can be folded flat to slip into your laptop case or bag pack. The StandScan Smartphone Portable Scanner enables you to scan important documents and photograph images of products to sell on the net or share pictures with family without any software to download, no cables to connect, and no drivers to install. You needs to do is place your smartphone camera over the hole …

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Root / Jailbreak HTC One S On Android Ice Cream Sandwich

As mentioned in the below tutorial you can root or jailbreak HTC One S by using the Superboot rooting tool running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Superboot is a good software to root your device that is provided by PaulObrien of the MoDaCo forums. In case you want more information or you face errors during or after the HTC One S root you can visit their forum for technical support. You also need to note that jailbreakstation is not responsible for any damages or loss of data caused by using Superboot. Use this tutorial on your own risk please. Note: Rooting your phone will void your manufacturer’s warranty.  Pre Requirements Fully charged battery or at least 70% battery left. Enable USB Debugging on your phone by heading to Settings > Applications > Development  > USB Debugging. Make sure that there is a check mark beside that option. Before starting the rooting, temporarily disable all antivirus applications on your computer as they may interrupt …

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