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Apple Confirms Siri Keeps the user data for Two years in Cloud

Apple answers the some questions related to Siri data, which all users and other privacy companies have. Siri store the personal data to its servers when you use iPhone and ask a question. A report was published on this Friday in which a representative of Apple confirmed that company stored the Siri data in Cloud for two years. If the voice clips of Siri users are stored then a question comes in every user mind that if our privacy will compromise then what happen? Apple answer this question by saying that Apple has the same set of policies as Google and telecommunications companies have to keep your privacy and data. Apple Confirms Siri Keeps the user data for Two years in Cloud To give the answer to the question of American Civil Liberties Union yesterday, Apple send a representative Trudy Muller on Friday to explain the policy of company about Siri data. According to Trudy Muller: “Apple keep the Siri …

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How to Enable Siri to Read New Tweets with TweetFeed Free

Siri is the one of the best iOS feature which enables an iphone user to control his/her iOS device using voice commands. Siri was launched one and half year ago and now it is one of the highest popularity features. This feature forced the other smartphone developing companies to developed voice reorganization software’s for their devices. There is a variety of Siri tweaks now on the Cydia store. Now one of the amazing new twitter Cydia tweak is launched that is TweetFeed tweak. This free twitter Cydia tweak enables Siri to read all the new tweets on your twitter account. This TweetFeed tweak required permission to access your twitter account and then always read the all new twitter from your account and enhanced the functionality of Siri. If you have more than one twitter account then this twitter Cydia tweak only able to ready tweets from your first account, it cannot read tweets from multiple accounts. May be this feature …

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How To Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names

This is the case many time that you are telling Siri to dial a name but it is not recognizing it properly and giving unusual results. Sometimes you may need to twist the actual contact name so that the pronunciation is understandable to Siri or Voice Control and it can find the correct contact from your contact list. Here I am giving you the very simple way you can tell Siri and Voice Control the alternative phonetic name of your choice for your contacts or you can add nicknames also for contacts. Below are the steps to Make Siri Recognize Uncommon And Difficult Contact Names: 1. Open the contact you want  to modify. 2. Click Edit 3. Scroll down to find “Add Field” 4. Tap the “Phonetic First Name” 5. Give the name of your Choice and  tap Done. 6. Similarly you can give the nick name for each contact if you want to be used by Siri for easy recognition.

i4Siri – Siri on iPhone 4 iPod Touch and iPad

In one of my previous post I explained that i4Siri is almost ready for release and it will fulfill the demand of iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPad 1 users if they want to run the Siri on their devices. Today i4Siri was finally released for all the users which was previously available for the people who were donating for i4Siri project. The following was stated on the i4Siri Blog With that, I am happy to say, we will NOT be removing any API access. Limitations will be enforced however. We will be releasing advanced profile management tools, so you can see you usage stats, favorite sayings, and other cool stuff. All of this helps us build a better i4Siri, and helps us give you a better experience. Below are the steps about How to get i4Siri on non A5 devices Your device must be jailbroken and running 5.0 or 5.0.1 or 5.1. i4Siri is compatible for iphone4, iphone 3gs, iPad …

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Download Sara from to get Siri on your device. If you wanted to run Siri on your iPhone 4, 3gs, ipod touch or iPad1 and you tried all tweaks and tricks to get Siri on iphone but unable to get Siri. Don’t worry here comes an other app called Sara which will fulfill your demand of Siri on iphone or Siri on ipod touch. Sara is an app similar  to the Siri that can run on any ios device like iphone 3gs, 4, ipod touch 3g/4g and ipad 1. Your device should be Jailbroken in order to get Sara on your iphone ipod or ipad. If not visit this tutorial to jailbreak. The installation of the Sara is very simple and easy, you have to install the source and run Sara from Sources to complete installation. Visit this post about How to install source in Cydia. Use the address when asked about source and tap “Add Source” Now go back to Sources …

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i4siri server is almost ready

i4Siri beta is working well and is available to doners, we hope that completed i4siri will be released for free very soon. i4siri can work on 3G data network. The new i4siri supports iphone 3gs, iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4G. Watch below video for more. You can visit i4Siri to try the beta version which is working only you need to donate more than 1$ and that it.