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iOS 6.1.4 Download for iPhone 5 with Audio Profile update

We were not expecting any iOS update from the Apple but today Apple releases a new iOS version. Software is update to version 6.1.4 but it does not bring new features other than “updated audio profile for speakerphone”. Presently new released firmware is only offers via OTA (over the air update) but soon it will be available online for all. If you have jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you have to stay away from the iOS 6.1.4 update because iOS 6.1.4 does not support Evasi0n. iOS 6.1.3 was the Evasi0n jailbreak killing software similarly iOS 6.1.4 too. It seems that new update is design and release for iPhone 5 but the only new feature include in it is “audio profile” which does not attract and inspired users to upgrade to iOS 6.1.4. There is nothing special in this version that appeals anyone to install this on his iPhone. Download iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5: However, Apple brings a …

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Download iOS 6.1.4 For iPhone 5

Apple has released the next version of iOS 6 which is 6.1.4 and is only released for the iPhone 5. The new release has just given an update that brings an updated audio profile for the speakerphone. Meanwhile tinyumbrella was also updated so that you can save the shsh blobs for your updated iPhone 5. Although it is of no use at this stage for saving the shsh blobs, but it can be helpful if we upgrade later and we need to degrade iPhone 5 to this version i.e if there is ios 6.1.4 jailbreak available and you upgrade to next ios 6 or ios 7 then you can use these blobs. So I have given below the download links for tinyumbrella as well which you can use to save iphone 5 shsh blobs after you upgrade your iphone to ios 6.1.4. TinyUmbrella [OSX] TinyUmbrella [WIN] Below are the download links for iOS 6.1.4 Download Links for iOS 6.1.4 6.1.4 …

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How to Downgrade iPhone From iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 Without Risk

If you surf on web pages for problems related to iPhone or Smartphone’s you will notice that there are variety of blogs that help you in this regard but if you want to downgrade iPhone from one version to another then you will not easily able to find authenticated method of downgrade iPhone because of very less information’s and updates related to the downgrading. However now you can downgrade from iOS 6.1.3 to the previous version iOS 6.1.2 easily and conveniently by just following the below given steps. So if you want to downgrade iPhone from iOS  6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 then do the following steps. First of all download the following things from the below links to downgrade iPhone from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2: iOS 6.12 & 6.0. Sn0wbreez latest version. Redsn0w latest version. – > You can only downgrade iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with this method. How to Downgrade iPhone From iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 …

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Google Updated iPhone Gmail app for easy Multi-Message Editing & Much More

Google has released the new update for Gmail users for iOS devices. Google updated the Gmail app to 2.1 version, UX is now much improved as well as messaging is made easy in this update. iPhone Gmail app new update enables the users to switch right and left between the messages, without opening again the inbox. iPhone Gmail app update also has new ability of multiple message editing and many issues are fixed in this update. Edit mode in this app allowed you to select any message and perform delete, edit, copy and much more with a new action bar. You can press cancel option at any time to close this action bar. Google Updated iPhone Gmail app for easy Multi-Message Editing & Much More Its seems that this iPhone Gmail app update did not offer exciting things but actually this multiple messaging editing mode is something great and useful for every iphone user who have to deal with many …

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Find Your Friend’s Location with Find My Friend App

Apple officially launched the update of Find My Friend app to version 2.1,  Find Friend app was released last year and up-till now many updates were released. Find Friend app is a location based notification app. Apple call this new update as “New UI”, it does not mean that the interface is fully changed but its look is improved and it also support the iOS 6. Apple fixed the all problems and issues that were found in previous versions of Find Friend app and Apple also states that a new location based notification feature is added for iOS 6 or higher users. As usual Apple is miser to provide all features to all iOS. Initially Friend Finding app was released only for iOS 5 and Find My Friend app is still one of the good app to find and search the location of your friends, family and relatives from your iphone and also share your own location with one or …

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iPhone Battery life Tweak will increase Phone Battery Timing

Every body is very conscious about the battery life of his/her smartphone and wants to have a long battery life. When a person plan to buy a smartphone one of the important feature in check list is the battery life so for this purpose different tweaks are developed to help you to monitor and save your iPhone battery life so that you can use iphone for long hours. Few tweaks related to iphone battery life are BatteryDoctorPro, Battery Status and BattSaver. A new tweak is now available for the iPhone battery that is iBatteryInfo.  This is a simple tweak but have a lot of features for example with this tweak you can check whether your iphone battery is completely charged or not, at which time you have to disconnect and connect the iphone with charger and etc. we call this tweak simple because icon of this tweak doesn’t appeared on home screen, there is only one configuration option and that …

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How to Change iPhone Default Panorama Button with Blue Color

If you don’t like the default grayscale panorama button in iPhone camera app then you don’t need to bear it any more, a very good jailbreak tweak is waiting for you to help and get rid of this button. BetterPano Button is that jailbreak tweak with which you can change your default panorama button with Blue button when it is in panorama mode. BetterPano Button tweak will not change any other settings of your camera application, this tweak is only to replace your default button in blue color. The developer of camera app said that there is not a big reason or any science behind selecting blue button, blue is his favorite color so he only give you option of blue color. Another reason of only blue color option is that he checked different colors and blue is the only one which looks good at this position. So if blue is also your favorite color then you must have to …

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Lock Launcher 2.0 is released to support iPhone 5 and iOS 6

As we know tweaks are the real entertainments for the jailbreak iphone, iPads and iPods. Whenever a new iOS is released then developers start developing the tweaks for that new iOS so in last few weeks many and very useful tweaks are landed on the Cydia store i.e. Mail Enhancer Pro, ToDoNotes 2, iBye and today a new version of Lock Launcher  tweak  is added. These new tweaks are especially designed by keeping the size of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in mind. Lock Launcher is a tweak that allowed the Apple users to launch multi apps simultaneously from their phone lock screen and now Lock Launcher is updated to the version 2.0.Lock screen launcher update come with many improvements, new features, support for iPhone 5, iOS 6 and much more. Lock Launcher 2.0 is released to support iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Following are the main new features of Lock Launcher version 2.0: Support iOS 6, 4 inch display …

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