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iPad Air 2 Officially Revealed Video, Images Features & Specs

iPad Air 2 Video Images Specs Features

Apple today introduced the iPad Air 2, its thinnest and most powerful iPad ever. Now just 6.1 mm thin and weighing less than a pound, iPad Air 2 features an improved Retina display for enhanced contrast and richer, more vibrant colors, and better cameras for taking stunning photos and videos. Available in gold, silver and space gray, the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 offer Touch ID so users can unlock their iPad with just the touch of a finger and make purchases easily and securely within apps using Apple Pay. “iPad is a magical piece of glass that runs more than 675,000 apps specifically designed for it, and is thin and light enough that you can comfortably hold it all day; the new iPad Air 2 is packed with amazing new innovations, weighs less than a pound, and at just 6.1 mm is the thinnest tablet in the world,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of …

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How To Jailbreak iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPad mini Retina

pangu jailbreak ios 7.1.1 untethered

Below is the easy to follow and implement the procedure on how to jailbreak iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPad mini Retina which are running latest version of iOS 7 i.e. iOS 7.1.1 or 7.1.2. This below given tutorial is talking about the use of newly born Pangu jailbreak which is developed and released by Pangu Team that consists of @ Dm557, @ ogc557 and zeng. The latest available version is v 1.2.1.  Compatibility Of iPad Jailbreak This how to jailbreak iPad guide is only compatible if your iPad is running iOS 7.1.1 & 7.1.2, if you see below message on running the Pangu and connecting your iPad it means you have to upgrade to 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 else use evasi0n jailbreak for iPad guide. On the other hand if your iPad is having the older version like iOS 7 up to iOS 7.0.5 then we recommend that you should use our procedure on how to …

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All iPad Models Compared in Boot Speed Test [Video]

Google Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini

iClarified has published a new video on YouTUbe in which they have compared the boot speed of the iPad 1 vs. iPad 2. vs. iPad 3 vs. iPad 4 vs. iPad Air vs. iPad mini 1 vs. iPad mini 2. All seven iPads were freshly restored to the latest firmware possible (iOS 7.0.4 for everyone but the iPad 1), fully charged, with no SIM card inserted. The counter was started from the exact moment each device received USB signal and stopped as soon as slide-to-unlock appeared. Source

Download iOS 7 iPad Wallpaper Backgrounds

Below is a collection of new iPad wallpapers for iOS 7, which can be downloaded all in a zip file which we have given the link below. As well as the gallery for iPad iOS 7 wallpapers is given below. The stills pack was posted by Sonny Dickson and zip file of the wallpapers can be downloaded from here.

How to Sync Apps to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

How to Sync Apps to: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad through PC or Laptop by using iTunes Sometimes when you can’t find WiFi And then can’t download apps directly on your iDevices, this tutorial teaches you how to download and sync them to your device through PC or laptop. The first thing u need is iTunes Second thing u need is an ipa file of the app Steps: Get the ipa file of app or game…ipa file means iTunes file open iTunes and Plug in your device open up the iTunes App Library Drag the ipa file to the app library. It should appear inside it with it’s icon Plug in your iDevice and wait for it to appear on iTunes (Will take sometime) open the Devices’s app Section (like I opened in the video below) The ipa file which turned into an icon will appear click install in front of it (install option is available in the updated version …

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Top 5 Apps for iPad to Make it Perfect Jailbroken iPad

Most people think that jailbreaking is very useful for iphone only and not much useful for iPad. But actually that is not true, a jailbreak iPad is equally good as a jailbreak iPhone, the same apps you run on iOS 5 iPhone are same for iPad having iOS 5. So there is no such difference between the usefulness of iphone jailbreaking and iPad. Jailbreak community developed so much apps and tweaks by specially targeting the iPad. There are many awesome and very useful tweaks and apps for iPad. Two apps for iPad that personally I love are BeeKeyboard and SwipeSelcection. These two tweaks and apps for iPad are very good and every one who has iPad must try these Cydia tweaks and apps. In this article 5 best and most popular Jailbreak Cydia tweaks are suggested for your iPad.   Top 5 Apps for iPad to Make it Perfect Jailbroken iPad      1.    BeeKeyboard  BeeKeyBoard is the first …

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How to Display Message waiting indicator on iPhone with Free Tweak

Cydia store contains the wide variety of tweaks and feature that make your jailbreak devices not only a phone but enhances it capabilities to a remarkable level and make it smartphone in real sense. Few days ago we shared a method that hides your typing status on iMessages. When you are typing on iMessages then your receipt can see that you are writing and he will receive a message very soon from your side.You can hide Message waiting indicator on iphone using the TypingPrivacy tweak as we discussed in our previous post. Today a new tweak is come at Cydia store TypeStatus to show a Message waiting indicator on iPhone, IPad or iPod status bar. How to Display Message waiting indicator on iPhone with Free Tweak If you ever observe using any message app, during the conversation when you are typing then an indicator is appears that “you are writing”.  That indicates to receipt that you are typing and he …

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Audible Audiobooks App Has Been Updated for iOS With Support for the iPad.

Audible is an Internet provider of audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. Audible provides digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspaper. Audible developed an app that is called Audiobooks for the smartphones and PCs. The platform of this app are Android, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Windows phone and Kindle. Now Audible has update its Audiobooks app for iOS with support for the iPad. Immerse yourself in a great story anytime, anywhere, by downloading from a breathtaking range of 100,000+ titles to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad—from bestsellers to classics, and everything in-between. In Audiobooks app you can transfer books to your device over Wi-Fi. This app includes bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed features. You can downloading and listening your books while you are performing different task. You can connect to Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know what you are listening to. In new and updated version of Audiobooks you can …

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Skype has been Updated for iPad

As you know that Skype is a famous software application that allow users to communicate with their friends and family. Users can perform text chat, voice chat and video conference in this app. Users can perform voice chat by the help of Mic and video chat by the help of web cam. There are million of users of Skype who are enjoying this great app. Users can make calls from Skype to land-line telephones and mobile phones through credit card. Skype support various type of platform such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Symbian  iOS, Android and Windows phones mobile etc. Now a days Skype is using in smartphones and tablets much more. Every person who is familiar with smartphones and tabs, definitely use Skype app. Skype app is  free of cost and available for idevices in App Store and for Android OS in Google Play Store. Now Skype has been updated for iPad that automatically reconnect dropped calls when your WiFi or mobile network reception is poor and allow account top-ups …

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Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

The Apple iPad is a great invention in the Internet tablets. It includes different features like searching the Internet faster, gaming and many other apps that are available in the App Store. The new iPad comes with Retina display which gives you a amazing resolutions and graphics and you will enjoy all the apps and games in true graphics which is seems to real life. Its touch screen is brilliant and similarly its touch keyboard is also great, but can never be good as a physical keyboard, specially for those persons who are not used to with touch keyboard. We have the Apple iPad keyboard which is amazing ultra-thin keyboard. Archos has announced the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads. This is magnetic, full QWERTY keyboard therefore users can connect their iPad with this keyboard easily. Archos keyboard is ultra-thin at only 5mm with aluminum back casing. Other features include the automatic screen switch on/off …

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