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Evasi0n7 Updated To Version 1.0.7

download evasi0n jailbreak for ios 7 free

Evad3rs the team behind the most popular iOS 7 jailbreak has released a new version for Evasi0n7 i.e. version 1.0.7. The new version contains update that fixes a problem with updating bundled package lists. Evaders tweeted that new version 1.0.7 is now live: evasi0n7 1.0.7 is now live on – fixing problem where the bundled package lists could not be updated by Cydia. Read More & Download Evasi0n7 1.0.7 Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to be updated follow us onTwitter, add us to your circle onGoogle+or like our Facebook page. Advertisement

Winocm famous jailbreaker to Work for Apple

Apple Store Logo

If you are an enthusiastic jailbreaker then you must know Winocm. He is jailbreaker cum hacker who was part of the team including iH8sn0w and SquiffyPwn who brought us the p0sixspwn jailbreak of iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5. Now via a recent tweet has has announced that he’s going to work for Apple. I figured now is the right time to say this, I will be working at Apple starting later this year. Previously we have seen Comex also joining Apple for internship so can be the case with Winocm but we are not sure what exactly is his intention for joining the Apple. Apple might willing to use him in security patching in order to stop infiltration of exploits from jailbreakers. Read More

How To Jailbreak iOS 7 Up To 7.0.6 Using Evasi0n7

download evasi0n jailbreak for ios 7 free

Update x 2: Evasi0n is now able to jailbreak 7.0.6 without doing any complex work, therefore you don’t need to follow the below lengthy process. Only download evasi0n7 from below links and after connecting your device run the program and follow the easy steps to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 on compatible devices. Click Here to Go To How To Jailbreak iOS 7 – 7.0.6 Update 1: You can jailbreak ios 7.0.6 after editing the evasi0n file which requires a little complex but easy process. We have given at the end of this post in details on how to jailbreak 7.0.6 using modified evasi0n. Before the final release of iOS 7.1 Apple has released another update of the previous version i.e. 7.0.6, which is mainly not a major release in fact. Apple has released updated versions of iOS 7.0.6 and iOS 6.1.6 with fixes for SSL connection verification. After the release of 7.0.6 obviously many people have upgraded and now they are …

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evasi0n7 updated to jailbreak 7.0.5 – Act Now

evasi0n 7.1jailbreak

Now you can jailbreak iphone 5s/5c running ios 7.0.5 because evad3rs has updated the software for jailbreaking these two latest devices. Although the 7.0.5 update was mainly released for iphones sold in China in order to fix network provisioning problem but it was seem that it was available outside US in many countries, therefore there are much users who upgraded to 7.0.5 and now they need a jailbreak for 7.0.5 on their iphone 5c and 5s. We recommend the people who have done update using OTA option to freshly restore using the iTunes in order to avoid any evasi0n errors while jailbreaking iPhone 5s or 5c. evasi0n 7.1 jailbreak status Apple is expected to release ios 7.1 next month i.e. March 2014, which will close the door for jailbreaking evasi0n 7.1 using existing version of evasi0n7 1.0.5. We as a precaution recommend all of potential jailbreakers to upgrade their device to 7.0.4 or 7.0.5 as soon as possible because once Apple stops …

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iBoot for 64-bit iPhone 5s Decrypted

iBoot For A7 Devices

Good news for jailbreak community Winocm has tweeted that he has decrypted iBoot for the 64-bit iPhone 5s which definitely makes exploitation much easier. Winocm posted a screenshot of the decrypted iBoot to Twitter saying, “64-bit iBoots anyone?”. “iPhone 5s iBoots are definitely very interesting to look at. A7 is indeed a total reimagining of the iPhone architecture. Also, looks like the CPU implements the full AArch64 exception model. I think the part I like the most about the A7’s boot chain is the new boot monitor.” Few days back we saw news from iH8Sn0w in which he claimed that he has achieved the iBoot exploit for jailbreaking A5(x) devices for life. After winocm tweet he said “They’re dumps from userland. Will be much easier to exploit with iBoot though now that there’s a dump to work with :)” In a reply about the lifetime jailbreak for iphone 5s iH8Sn0w mentioned “No. But maybe. Will be a lot easier to get my stuff …

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