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Connect your PS3 Controller to your iPhone or iPad with Blutrol Cydia Tweak

How to connect your PS3 Controller to your iPhone or iPad Ever Wanted to Connect your PS3 Controller to your iPhone or iPad? But thought it can’t be done? well that was wrong because you CAN Connect your PS3 Controller to your iDevice thanks to Blutrol Cydia Tweak. You can Connect your PS3 Controller to your iDevice to play games with it. I was able to play some awesome games such as Street Fighter and some emulators with the controller, it’s literally like having a portable gaming system. You can even extend this system to your TV if you have an Apple TV to stream the content to. It isn’t very hard but it is a long process so be patient if u want to learn it. Important: The Tutorial mentioned below is done with a Mac. The Windows version is very similar, the only difference is when it comes to the SixPair tool, so please follow closely. Steps: Step 1: Download the …

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Playstation 4 UI Overview Promo [Video]

PS4 video reveals UI for sharing gameplay videos, multi-tasking, making friends. The new video shows how a game player who is unable to continue in a game and how he gets walk throughs and videos shared by others on the same game. At last he also succeeds and this also goes to a new friendship online through PS4. I really enjoyed the video and gives good overview of PS4 user interface in view of the recent announcement of of Xbox one which also offering the same features which you can observe in the below video. Have a look and enjoy.. Don’t forget to share with friends.  Playstation 4 UI Overview Promo [Video]  

PS4 Vs Xbox One Specs [Infographic]

PS4 and Xbox One are two most popular game consoles. There are mixed opinions about both consoles from different users some like the new features announced by both companies and there are many people who are criticizing also about few things. PlayStation 4 was announced in February when we did not see the actual console while last week on the occasion of Xbox One announcement the actual console was seen. At the moment both console are announced but not available for gamers, many of the specifications and features are already announced but still there are many details which remain a mystery for us at the moment. In view of existing information designer Ralph Cifra has put together a nice little infographic which I have shared below. (Source: Twitter)

PlayStation 4 Games will be Available at digtial Store Sony confirmed

Sony PlayStation 4 Korean Company confirmed that all the upcoming games of PlayStation 4 console will only be available in digital form. Korean company is giving more importance to put all games titles download able from Playstation store or cloud. President of Sony PlayStation 4 company also announced that all the games titles of PS4 will available in the digital form but only major titles will available in physical disks form. President also confirmed that PlayStation 4 users will not need to go in market to buy the disks for playing game, they don’t need to buy physical disk from stores. All the games will be available online PlayStation Store in all those countries where internet is the first preference of shopping. There are many benefits of putting everything online and just few drawbacks. One of the benefits of putting online is that users have a wide variety of PS4 games categories that is not possible at a physical store. …

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jailbreak ps3 playstation 3 firmware 3.55

Welcome to jailbreakstation for doing jailbreak ps3 playstation 3.  For doing the ps3 jailbreak you will need to follow the below mentioned steps to jailbreak PlayStation 3 firmware 3.55.  jailbreak for PlayStation 3 firmware 3.55 was released by Geohot recently after releasing PS3 root keys publicly this week. There was a new video that was  showing homebrew running on firmware 3.55, now this video is private. Following are the steps to Jailbreak PS3 on v3.55 Firmware: STEP 1: Plug a USB drive to your computer STEP 2: Now create a folder in the root of the USB drive with the name of “PS3” STEP 3: Double click the ps3 folder and create a folder inside the PS3 folder called UPDATE STEP 4: Download or from Here or Here STEP 5: Unzip to PS3UPDAT.PUP STEP 6: Move PS3UPDAT.PUP to the directory UPDATE that you just created in step 3, on the USB stick STEP 7: Plug the USB stick into your PS3 console STEP 8: Navigate to Settings Tab STEP 9: Choose System Update STEP 10: Choose …

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