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If Siri Was a Waitress [Video]

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Below is a new video just demonstrating how it was the scenario if Siri was a waitress, Jimmy Kimmel has posted this video in which he imagines what would happen ‘If Siri Was a Waitress’. A recent study found that out of all the voice-activated systems they tested Siri is the worst one. We would not put up with Siri’s behavior in any other situation. Imagine what it would be like if Siri was a waitress. Take a look below!   Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to be updated follow us onTwitter, add us to your circle onGoogle+or like our Facebook page. Advertisement

50 Commands Siri Can Execute [Video]

Below is a video that describes 50 voice commands that Siri can execute. I go over 50 different Siri voice commands on the iPhone 5S which help demonstrate what Apple’s virtual assistant is currently capable of. Siri was being used on an iPhone 5S running iOS 7 in the video. Note that the sequences have been shortened to keep a relatively fast pace. Take a look on below video and enjoy: 50 Commands Siri Can Execute [Video]

iOS 7 Features Review

iOS 7 Features Review We all are happy for the upcoming iOS 7 software and are excited because there is a new look in it which is known as ‘Flat Display’.Flat Display doesn’t make the screen flat but it is a name given to a simple and decent display. The New Features: There are many new features in it as I have tried the Beta 2 version of it and it did make me feel better but also there were many bugs as shown in the Beta 2 iPad features and bugs Video. There are new features but the major changes are The Siri and Multitasking. Siri: Siri is having a simple black background design starting from iOS 5 for iPhone 4s and iOS 6 for all the other iDevices. But the iOS 7’s Siri isn’t like that. It sure is the same software but the Changes in it are: The Siri Logo, Back Ground, Voice and a little bug …

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Siri vs Google Now [Video]

CNET has released a video on YouTube about comparison between Siri and Google Now, they have pitted Siri and Google Now against each other in a live test.  They tried to provide similar situation for both devices so they used same WiFi connection to ensure the internet speed test is fair. After watching video it is very difficult to say which device is better then other, in my opinion each have their own pits and falls but I suggest iPhone 5 should get more votes but still it depends upon the use of each user.

How to Enable Siri to Read New Tweets with TweetFeed Free

Siri is the one of the best iOS feature which enables an iphone user to control his/her iOS device using voice commands. Siri was launched one and half year ago and now it is one of the highest popularity features. This feature forced the other smartphone developing companies to developed voice reorganization software’s for their devices. There is a variety of Siri tweaks now on the Cydia store. Now one of the amazing new twitter Cydia tweak is launched that is TweetFeed tweak. This free twitter Cydia tweak enables Siri to read all the new tweets on your twitter account. This TweetFeed tweak required permission to access your twitter account and then always read the all new twitter from your account and enhanced the functionality of Siri. If you have more than one twitter account then this twitter Cydia tweak only able to ready tweets from your first account, it cannot read tweets from multiple accounts. May be this feature …

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How To Integrate Siri With Google Maps

If you have already installed the Google maps app on your idevice you will be happy to control it using the Siri which is really a great idea. Watch below video to understand how you can integrate the Siri with mapping services, by integrating these two apps you can ask Siri many things like how to reach a location i.e. nearest hotel or departmental store etc and in reply you will be guided through Google maps not Apple maps. Have a look on below video to understand how you can integrate Siri with Google maps app which by default is integrated with Apple maps.  

Wordjelly Siri Server: Siri On iPhone 4, 3gs iPod Touch and iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1

Wordjelly Siri Server: Siri On iPhone 4, 3gs iPod Touch and iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1 Here comes another jailbreak repo which you can install easily and start using the Siri on iPod Touch 4G, 3G, iPhone 4, 3gs and iPad 1, /2 running on iOS 5.1.1.The latest siri repo is named wordjelly Siri server. In order to install wordjelly Siri Server on your idevice you must be having the jailbroken device. If you want to jailbreak now visit our How to jailbreak guide. Also it is important to note that Wordjelly Siri Certificate and [Ac!d]Siri will work on iOS 5.1.1 only not the previous versions. How to install Wordjelly Siri on iOS 5.1.1 Add the bassamkassem repo by going to Cydia => Manage => Sources =>Edit => Type and tap Add Add the wordjelly repo by going to Cydia => Manage => Sources =>Edit => Type and tap Add Open the Bassamkassem repository and scrol down to find [Ac!d]Siri …

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Get Siri Free on iPhone 4/3gs iPod Touch 4g, iPad 1/2

Hi visitors, many of you are trying to install Siri on their non Siri supporting devices i.e. iPhone 4, iphone 3gs, iPod Touch 4g, iPad 1 and iPad 2. You can follow below steps to install the Siri on your devices that are not supporting the Siri. Warning : Although this procedure is perfect but may have some effect on your device therefore it is suggested that you backup your device before implementing the below steps. Steps on How to Install Siri Free Your iphone or ipad or ipod must be jailbroken to install Siri, if it is not jailbroken follow this tutorial on How to jailbreak iPhone, iPod or iPad Once the device is jailbroken Cydia will be available on Springboard Step 1: Now open Cydia and add one of the source from two mentioned below: To learn how to add sources Click Here. or Step 2: Now install Ac!d Siri Step 3: Add the proxy Step 4: Open Safari …

read more / Siri Certificate – Siri On iPhone 4 / iPod Touch Siri Certificate Siriport certificate from  was installed using the, all you need is to type the address on Safari browser on your iPhone4 or iPod touch 4G. If you want to activate Siri on your iphone or ipod first you have to install the Siriport source  repo using (click here for step-weise guide) and once the source is added you need to install Siriport visiting that source and then you have to apply the certificate. If it is not working you can reinstall Siriport Source after certificate is applied. Update: If not working visit this official site of and (open in Chrome or use Google translate to translate site in your language) Warning: If you apply certificate on your iphone, ipod or ipad it may become unresponsive and you may need to restore your device. I am not responsible if you lose any data after Siri Certificate is installed. Therefore it …

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S Voice By Samsung A Competitor To Siri [Video]

S Voice is the new feature provided in the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII, You can say that S Voice is a clone to the Siri a feature in iPhone 4S.  S Voice works in the same way the Siri works like searching a term on internet, providing weather information, dialing a number etc. There are some additional features in S Voice which I believe Apple will counter in next generation iPhone 6 and new iOS 6. Few features of S Voice include: Play a Song and change tracks Search Volume Control Open apps Snooze An Alarm SMS and Email Launch Camera Take Photo Watch Below Video For S Voice in Action.