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BiteSMS Updated For iOS 7 & iPhone 5S Support

BiteSMS Cydia Tweak

BiteSMS is one of the most popular and best jailbreak tweaks which is used as a replacement of built-in messages app. BiteSMS, is finally available for iOS 7 in the form of a beta 7 release which also now supports the iPhone 5s, Frustrated with the built-in Messages app? Want more features? Wish it was much quicker to compose or reply to messages? Then biteSMS is for you, with lots of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and much more! Simply use biteSMS as a complete souped-up replacement to the built-in Messages application on iPhone and iPod devices. There are many features that are offering a common user to rely upon the BiteSMS because it makes messaging a fun by saving valuable time. How To Install BiteSMS in iOS 7 You have to jailbreak your device so that you could be able to add the …

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Get Ready For iOS 7 Download – Save SHSH Blobs Now

This happens with every update or release of iOS that many people accidentally lose their jailbreaks or they upgrade and after that unable to get a legal jailbreak for their iOS versions. Saving the shsh blobs is a good solution for users who might need to downgrade to a previous version. As you are aware that iOS 7 will be available for download shortly therefore we recommend to save your shsh blobs which will be helpful for you if you will be willing to come back to your existing iOS version. Blobs for A5+ Devices Some people might think that it is not important to save shsh blobs for A5+ devices, but still these can be very useful in future if jailbreakers are successful to find some kind of exploit which will make us able to restore or downgrade the A5+ devices. And of course if we talk about the older devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod touch …

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Connect your PS3 Controller to your iPhone or iPad with Blutrol Cydia Tweak

How to connect your PS3 Controller to your iPhone or iPad Ever Wanted to Connect your PS3 Controller to your iPhone or iPad? But thought it can’t be done? well that was wrong because you CAN Connect your PS3 Controller to your iDevice thanks to Blutrol Cydia Tweak. You can Connect your PS3 Controller to your iDevice to play games with it. I was able to play some awesome games such as Street Fighter and some emulators with the controller, it’s literally like having a portable gaming system. You can even extend this system to your TV if you have an Apple TV to stream the content to. It isn’t very hard but it is a long process so be patient if u want to learn it. Important: The Tutorial mentioned below is done with a Mac. The Windows version is very similar, the only difference is when it comes to the SixPair tool, so please follow closely. Steps: Step 1: Download the …

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Download YouTube videos with Chrome Downloader Plus Cydia Tweak

How to download YouTube videos to your iDevice by using Chrome Downloader Plus tweak! Have you ever wondered how you can get or download YouTube videos of your choice in your iDevice. Well stop wondering and here it is! Chrome Downloader Plus tweak which allows you to not only download YouTube Videos  you can also download anything else you like with it. Chrome Downloaded plus is available in Cydia for $3 To get Chrome Downloader Plus tweak you would need a jailbroken iDevice/Cydia Steps: Step 1: First of all go to Cydia and search for Chrome Downloader Plus and install it Step 2: After installing go to your Chrome browser of your iDevice and Go to YouTube and search for the video you would like to download. open that video like you open it while watching Step 3:  You will see a little knob at the bottom of the screen. pull it and choose the resolution you want. it will ask you where to save it. choose …

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Change your Voice live while in call with VoiceChanger tweak

VoiceChanger Tweak for iPhone is a new and very cool tweak made by Elias Limneos. VoiceChanger Tweak lets you change your live voice while you are talking with someone! The person you are talking to will hear your altered voice! This awesome tweak alters your voice when you talk on the phone so that the other end hears your voice sounding like a Dark Lord, a Smurf or well… Rumpelstiltskin! The audio process is being done live while you speak! You can switch between normal speech or effect-altered speech live while you are in a call! You can also enable/disable the tweak while in a call. Just press the home button to leave the in-call screen, open its settings and play! There are currently 5 voice effect modes! The best prank for your friends and family, they won’t even recognize who they are speaking with! A new era has arrived for iPhone tweaks that now allow to process the live audio …

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Speed Up iOS Animations With Accelerate Cydia Tweak [Free]

Today I am telling you about a useful Tweak which speed up your iOS animations in this way that you will be surprised. If you have any iDevice and you want to speed up your device then Accelerate Tweak is best for your IDevices, but remember one thing that your IDevice has been jailbroken before installing this Tweak. Accelerate is a free Cydia Tweak available in BiggBoss Repo. This Tweak is compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 3 to iOS 6 and later. The tweak allows you to manually control just how fast system animations occur on your iOS device. On the other hand you can also make your iOS animations slower. When you install Accelerate Tweak you will see different options of faster your animations and also different options of slower your animations. Warp speed option is fastest animation in this Tweak, similarly Grass growing option is slowest animation. You can also disable Accelerate Tweak for any …

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Retina Pad Tweak (iPad)

Retina Pad Tweak for iPad We all run iPhone apps on iPad because there are a several of the apps which are only for iPhone but u can run them on iPad. You can also see our old post of how to make the apps go full screen. “Click Here”. iPhone Apps and Games which are retina, u can run them on iPad but wait! Does the app still give the same retina graphics? Nop. But problem is solved by Retina Pad. Retina Pad is a Cydia Tweak and You have to Jailbreak in order to get Cydia. Retina Pad is not free basically. But u can get it free by following the steps below: Steps: Step 1: You should have Cydia….. duh.. Step 2: Add these sources below in the sources category. Insanelyi source: Hack Your iPhone Source: Step 3: After Adding these sources Search for “Retina Pad” Step 4: Go to the Retina Pad of the sources…… Free one… and Install it Have …

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Android Eats Apple Cydia Lock screen Theme

Android Eats Apple: This Lock screen Theme is a very good one cause it is having the logos of two competitors which are obviously Apple and Android. In this Lock Screen Theme The logo Of Android Comes which is a human kind of shape logo. he comes and there is a logo of Apple which he then eats and the logo is then shown in his stomach This Lock Screen Theme can be found in the default Sources of Cydia. This theme can be found in the source of Modmyi. as Shown in the video below…

iOS 7 Features Review

iOS 7 Features Review We all are happy for the upcoming iOS 7 software and are excited because there is a new look in it which is known as ‘Flat Display’.Flat Display doesn’t make the screen flat but it is a name given to a simple and decent display. The New Features: There are many new features in it as I have tried the Beta 2 version of it and it did make me feel better but also there were many bugs as shown in the Beta 2 iPad features and bugs Video. There are new features but the major changes are The Siri and Multitasking. Siri: Siri is having a simple black background design starting from iOS 5 for iPhone 4s and iOS 6 for all the other iDevices. But the iOS 7’s Siri isn’t like that. It sure is the same software but the Changes in it are: The Siri Logo, Back Ground, Voice and a little bug …

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iOS 7 New Feature Enables Head Gestures (Video)

Most of us are aware of the new stylish flat design of iOS 7 with many many new features. After release of iOS 7 beta 2 there are still new things coming out on daily basis and now we have come across a new feature that is found in settings and called Switch Control although it is mainly intended for disabled persons who can utilize the iOS 7 devices using this feature but as a common user this can be a fun to control your idevice by moving your head. If you are one who is currently testing iOS 7 beta version you might be able to discover and check this new feature just go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Switch Control and turn the feature on, now using this feature one can interact with iOS without anything but a small head gesture. U can see the Demonstration Video below