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How To Bring iPhone 5s Slow Motion Recording On Older Devices -Cydia Tweak

slo-mo slow motion capturing tweak

If you are impressed by the new feature of iPhone 5s which allows the slow motion video capturing at 120FPS, now you can also record slow motion movies on older devices which support iOS7. Slo-mo Mod is a new Cydia tweak available in BigBoss repo that allows slow motion video capturing on devices running ios 7. Due to limitations on hardware the app does not support 120 FPS, but it supports recording at 60 FPS, up from the standard 30 FPS. Due to less frames and hardware limitations the slow motion might not be as smooth as it is on iPhone 5s. Enable iPhone 5s Slo-mo video capture for unsupported devices and included options for: ● Set the slo-mo framerate. ● Force Slo-mo editing for all videos. ● Set Slo-mo rate. (slow factor) ● Adjust the slow part of the Slo-mo video volume. Important Note: Tested in iPhone 4S and iPad 2, the maximum slo-mo framerate is up to 30 …

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Evasi0n Jailbreak 7.0.4 / 7.0.5 untethered Download Now

Now you can jailbreak iOS 7 all version by using the evasi0n7 program. Even if you have upgraded to iOS 7.0.6 now you can JAILBREAK IOS 7.0.6 UNTETHERED by using modified version of evasi0n. After the surprise release of jailbreak for ios 7 now jailbreak community is very happy and millions of iOS users are rushing to jailbreak their devices on iOS 7, but people should be more careful and should read some comments and reviews before starting to jailbreak iOS 7 on their devices. Evad3rs has warned on their website to not jailbreak a device which was upgraded to iOS 7, 7.0.3, or 7.0.4 by using the OTA option i.e. from settings because it might put you in a situation of disliking. The best option is to backup your idevice either on iCloud or on your hard disk using iTunes and then do a fresh upgrade using the iTunes (download ipsw for 7.0.4 and then on iTunes windows hold …

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How To Install Android Market On BlackBerry PlayBook [Complete Guide]

The tutorial below will help you on how to run Android applications on PlayBook just like regular PlayBook applications. Although many of the apps are already available on BlackBerry App World, but the can be some which you are looking for and are still not available on App World, so you can chose to go through below process to getting the Android Market and other Android apps running on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Note: To get Android Market on BlackBerry Playbook, your PlayBook should be rooted. Check this tutorial to root / jailbreak BlackBerry PlayBook. Without root access you won’t be able to install the necessary files using a free tool called WinSCP. Once the PlayBook is rooted then you can use an application called DDPB to sideload a single Android app to your PlayBook. You will use Honeycomb Launcher to initialize the Android system on the PlayBook. After that you will use WinSCP application along with a bundled app called PuTTYgen to gain access to the root directories on the BlackBerry tablet. Then you will download …

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How to Sync Apps to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

How to Sync Apps to: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad through PC or Laptop by using iTunes Sometimes when you can’t find WiFi And then can’t download apps directly on your iDevices, this tutorial teaches you how to download and sync them to your device through PC or laptop. The first thing u need is iTunes Second thing u need is an ipa file of the app Steps: Get the ipa file of app or game…ipa file means iTunes file open iTunes and Plug in your device open up the iTunes App Library Drag the ipa file to the app library. It should appear inside it with it’s icon Plug in your iDevice and wait for it to appear on iTunes (Will take sometime) open the Devices’s app Section (like I opened in the video below) The ipa file which turned into an icon will appear click install in front of it (install option is available in the updated version …

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CharaCount Cydia Tweak

Owing to the fact that we have experienced numerous tweaks and apps, we all know by now that an idea doesn’t necessarily have to be way too complicated or huge in order to be brilliant, interesting and useful to the people. It can be something simple, and it still can have a huge impact. This concept to apps and tweaks development, and the content present in the Cydia store supports this concept as well. Many of the tweaks that are available in the jailbreak store only perform one specific function, however, people still use and like them. CharaCount is another brilliant tweak that one must install, what it does is so simple that many of you may ask yourself why you were not aware of it before  now. This tweak allows you to know about the number of characters that you type. Read on to know more about CharaCount! It is very useful to know about the characters that you have written, …

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Full Force Cydia Tweak for iPad

Full Force: Ever Wanted to play iPhone Games on iPad? Well Problem no more! Full force: A tweak from cydia which enables you to run the iPhone or small screen games in the full size of you iPad. This tweak is for iPad only Full force gives u control over the size of the app. either u can decrease it to 2x which is the size of iPhone apps or increase it to 1x which will try to takeover as much space of iPad’s screen as it can. So now u can run iPhone or iPod apps on your iPad. How to download it: Steps: You need to jailbreak your device in order to do it and after u jailbreak your device u get Cydia (explained in our other posts click here to jailbreak now) Open Cydia and search Full Force Select Full Force from the Search list and then tap install to install it It will come in your …

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How to download Fifa 13 for iPhone,iPod touch or iPad free!

A Simple tutorial on: How to Download Fifa 13 for iPad Free From the Day installous the software which downloaded Paid apps for free stopped working. All the people Who downloaded paid apps for free felt miserable. They couldn’t download paid apps for free. Of course it  was illegal but Here is a legal way to Download them! I am going to teach how to download paid apps for free by downloading Fifa 13 which is of $8 and why spend money when u can do it the easy way? Well this is also not legal but still it counts as legal Follow the steps below to Learn it… Things needed: The File which is to be downloaded is a torrent file so make sure u have bittorrent which can be downloaded here You should also have iTunes which can be downloaded from the Apple’s Original site Steps: First of all go to this Site “Click me” You will get …

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New ipod touch 5g white & grey [Video]

Yesterday new ipod touch was launched by Apple, the new ipod touch is exactly the same as previous model but this version does not feature the rear camera other features of new ipod touch 5g include slim design, 4-inch Retina display, dual-core A5 chip, and of course included are Apple EarPods. Below is a new video in which BrandHitTech has got hands on the new black & silver 16GB iPod touch. Lets see how the ipod touch is looking if you have not seen it till now.

Jailbreak ipod touch 4g / 5g ios 6 untethered

It is time to jailbreak your ipod touch so that you can enjoy the freedom of installing variety of apps, tweaks and themes by using the Cydia tool. Currently ipod touch can be jailbroken by using the evasi0n latest version which supports ios 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.2 for getting an untethered ios 6 jailbreak, but if you have upgraded to 6.1.3 then you are in trouble and you can not get a tool to JB right now. So it is unfortunate for the people who have upgraded to 6.1.3 but if you have saved shsh blobs you can downgrade from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 using sn0wbreeze software. Below I have given the free tutorial so that you can install Cydia on your ipod touch 4g or 5g. The same procedure can be used to jailbreak other idevices also i.e. iPhone 5, 4s, 4, 3gs and iPad 4, 3, 2. How To Jailbreak iPod Touch 4g / 5g We recommend to …

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Seas0nPass Update 5.2.1 is ready to jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Gen

Here is good news for the 2nd Generation Apple TV user that update of Seas0nPass which is jailbreak tool for Apple TV is available to jailbreak to iOS 6.1.3 with firmware 5.2.1. Reasons and benefits of jailbreak Apple TV as well as from where to download SeasonPass update for jailbreak iTV are the topic of our discussion today. As we know demand for portable iDevice (iPhone/iPad)  jailbreak is much higher than the iTV and this is the reason that many jailbreak updates are released in last few weeks for the iPhone/iPad but very few for the jailbreak iTV. Seas0nPass Update 5.2.1  is ready to jailbreak Apple TV 2nd Gen On 19, March latest 5.2.1 firmware was released for jailbreak Apple TV to iOS 6.1.3 which is supported by the Evasion.  However, Seas0nPass update 5.2.1 firmware only provide tethered jailbreak but tethered jailbreak is much better than the untethered on Apple TV whereas iPhone/iPad/iPod users who have tethered jailbreak need to …

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