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DNS Changer Malware Virus May Prevail on Monday

July 7, 2012 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

DNS Changer Malware: 300,000 Users To Loose Internet Connections on Monday

Most of you are aware of the DNS malware that was redirecting the traffic of its users by hijacking the domain name system of the web browsers. The DNS changer virus was discovered in 2007 and was controlled by applying the replacement servers allowing the traffic to flow normally.

The court order to operate the replacement servers is expiring on Monday and as per the security experts the computers which are infected with DNS changer may face connectivity problems.

As reported on different news sites more than 300,000 computers remained infected by DNS changer malware as on June 2011 in different countries including US, Germany, India, Britain, Australia, France and US on the top.

So on Monday hundreds of thousands of computers will be disconnected from internet, you can check if your computer is infected with DNS changer or not by reading below:

Visit this link to find the tools to help you detect the DNSChanger virus and fix it.

There is another tool that only requires you to visit the link, and the status of your computer shall be shown as below picture:

Click Here to Check if your computer is Infected with DNS Changer Malware

DNS Changer To Hit On Monday

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