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Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1.1 Jailbreak Untethered v2.9.5

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Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak 5.1.1

Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak from the below links and also a jailbreak guide which will guide you step by step how to jailbreak 5.1.1 using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.5. The latest version has added support for iPhone 4 GSM and iphone 3gs. As mentioned on official blog the new version has:

  • Added 5.1.1/9B208 untether payload for the iPhone 4 GSM.
  • Added iPhone 3GS (iPad Baseband users) location services fix.

Download sn0wbreeze 5.1.1  v2.9.5 (For iOS 3.1.x/3.2.x/4.0.x/4.1/4.2.1 to 4.2.8/4.3 to 4.3.3 / 4.4.3 /4.4.4 /5.0.1 /5.1.1)

You can jailbreak 5.1.1 for all A4 devices, using the latest version of Sn0wbreeze 2.9.5. Similarly if you have already tried for jailbreak through RedSn0w and Absinthe 2.0.2 and were facing errors you can use this tutorial for jailbreak 5.1.1.This guide can be used for jailbreak ios 5.1.1 on iPhone 3gs, iPhone4, iPod Touch or iPad.

Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1

Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Important Note:

Ensure that your idevice is having version 5.1.1 (although this jailbreak works with old versions also I suggest to update if you can), go to Settings —-> General —> About and check the Version it may be similar to“5.1.1(9A405)”. If it is not 5.1.1 try to update by going back to Settings —-> General —> “Software Update”or using iTunes. You can download latest iOS by visiting this link.

Before going to download Sn0wbreeze 5.1.1 jailbreak you should preserve your shsh blobs in order to save your baseband for future unlock. Click Here to visit How to save SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella.

Once your idevice is updated to 5.1.1 now you follow these steps to jailbreak 5.1.1.

Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Steps to jailbreak

1. Download Sn0wbreeze 5.1.1 jailbreak software version 2.9.5 by visiting this jailbreak download page.

2. Download Sn0wbreeze file and unzip in a folder. Open that folder and double click sn0wbreeze-v2.9.5.exe to see below screen, now click OK.

Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1
Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1
3. Now you can download or select the ipsw file which you shall use for jailbreaking your idevice. The new version has the option of selecting you IPSW file if you have already downloaded this by clicking Browse or you can download directly from Sn0wbreeze window by clicking “iOS firmware are downloadable here” as shown in below screen shot (I recommend to use this option) make sure you have a fast internet connection.
Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1
4. Now you have the option of selecting your device and the firmware, after selecting the both options click Start Download.  Connect your idevice to computer.
Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1
Download Sn0wBreeze 5.1
5. Wait until the software identifies your IPSW, click next and select “Expert Mode”
6. Select the option of “Build IPSW”
7. Sn0wBreeze will automatically complete the generation of custom IPSW (will take much time 15-20 minutes) the file will be saved on your computer.
8. Now you will put your idevice in DFU mode by just following screen instructions.
9. Turn off power of your idevice.
10. Hold home and power for 10 seconds, now release power button but keep pressed Home button for 10 seconds and iTunes will popup in your Computer (if it doesn’t then run it.)
11. Your idevice touch should be visible in your iTunes left pane. Click your device in left pane and in middle of iTunes screen you have to press Restore but while holding the Shift Key.
12. iTunes will ask the location of custom firmware file which you generated using Sn0wbreeze locate on your computer by browsing and click done. iTunes will restore your ipod touch  automatically which is now jailbroken untethered.
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