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Facebook Users on Android Outnumber iOS

January 6, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Facebook is very popular social website all around the world. There are million of users who use Facebook. Facebook developed its app for smartphones such as Android, iOS, RIM and Windows Phone mobile etc. Recently Benedict Evans has published a report on Facebook mobile users.

Until late last year, Facebook disclosed monthly active users (MAUs, hereafter ‘users’ for simplicity) for its smartphone apps, on a rolling daily basis. I was always slightly nervous of publishing it, since you had to know how to get it and I suspected it might disappear if anyone pointed it out. Now, like fairy gold, the data has disappeared, so I can share it.

Facebook reported that in September 2012 there are 470 million users of its smartphones, and there are 45 million users of its iPad app who are using Facebook. Facebook also reported that 604 million users use Facebook app in their mobiles and 134 million don’t use its app they are using the mobile web. There are 140 million users who use its app in iPhone and about 176 million users for Android. Facebook Messenger has 53 million users and only 1 million users who are using Facebook Camera.


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