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Get Siri Free on iPhone 4/3gs iPod Touch 4g, iPad 1/2

June 25, 2012 | Leave a comment(2) Go to comments

Hi visitors, many of you are trying to install Siri on their non Siri supporting devices i.e. iPhone 4, iphone 3gs, iPod Touch 4g, iPad 1 and iPad 2. You can follow below steps to install the Siri on your devices that are not supporting the Siri.

Warning : Although this procedure is perfect but may have some effect on your device therefore it is suggested that you backup your device before implementing the below steps.

Steps on How to Install Siri Free

Your iphone or ipad or ipod must be jailbroken to install Siri, if it is not jailbroken follow this tutorial on How to jailbreak iPhone, iPod or iPad

Once the device is jailbroken Cydia will be available on Springboard

Step 1: Now open Cydia and add one of the source from two mentioned below:

To learn how to add sources Click Here.


Step 2: Now install Ac!d Siri

Step 3: Add the proxy

Step 4: Open Safari and install the certificate by typing below address in Safari to

Reboot your device and Siri is fully working. Congratulations.

Now just install the certificate & reboot your device! Boom! You’re done

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In settings under Ac!dSiri there is a proxy server input bar.