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Google Releases YouTube Capture App Free For iOS Users

April 17, 2013 | Leave a comment(1) Go to comments

Some Politics and competitions are always involved in every organization, institutes, companies and even in colleagues so as we know there is a completion in Apple and Google. Apple always try to limit and restrict the Google but when Google released the Maps for iOS then approximate 10 million iOS users downloaded this app on their iPhone/iPad or iPod and Apple fail to stop them.

On this Monday Google released the YouTube Capture app for iOS 6 to realize its importance to the iPhone, iPad and iPod users. YouTube Capture app enables the iPhone users to make and share their own videos quickly, which they have recorded from their iPhone.

Google releases YouTube Capture app free for iOS usersyoutubecapture

According to Google statement that “YouTube Capture app allowed users to record video from the minute it is opened”. With this app a user can upload videos on YouTube even he/she minimize the app, after completion or uploading an iPhone user will given the options of  sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

YouTube Capture app for iPhone and iPad is simply for fast video recording, uploading and sharing with friends on Social networking website.

If you are iOS user then you can download Google Maps and YouTube capture app free of cost from the Apple store. If you are also using the Gmail app then for you kind information I am sharing with you that a new update of Gmail app is released for iOS user. This Gmail update has improved user interface as well as you do not need to go back to inbox for checking another email, you can simply move left and right to read the next and previous emails with this Gmail update. You can read more about the Gmail update from this link: “Google Updated iPhone Gmail app for easy Multi-Message Editing & Much More

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