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Griffin Powerdock5 powers up five idevices

January 9, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

In this article we will not discuss about smartphone and OS but we will tell you a common thing of the smartphone. We will tell you about smartphone charger. You will think that it will not a great technology news if we tell you about a simple charger but it is also a great tech news because this charger is not a simple charger. First of all it is a charger of idevices. Secondly it is a charger that charge your 5 idevices simultaneously. So If you have 5 idevices and you want to charge them in same time with one charger then Grifiin Powerdock5 is suitable for you. Griffin powerdock5 is a charger of idevices that charge your 5 idevices simultaneously. Griffin charger looks like great,  it safe your all idevices and it also save your time and charge your idevices very quickly.

griffin charger for idevices

According to a report over on The Inquirer.

 Griffin calls the Powerdock5 ‘the ultimate space saving, counter-top charging and storage solution’ and the device tackles the clutter and inconvenience of having to use separate charging cables.

When you are not using Griffin Powerdocks5 to charge you can remove all their charging cables inside the device and when you need to charge your idevices then you connect all cables to your idevices. Griffin powerdock5 charger is safe for your idevices and it hold your devices safely. Griffin Powerdock5 charger price is about £60. Griffin also announce various type of charger for Samsung, Android and Kindle devices.

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