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How to activate Siri on iphone 4

February 6, 2012 | Leave a comment(1) Go to comments

Here I am explaining how to activate Siri on iphone 4 after applying Siri port on a jailbroken iPhone 4. Few days back I posted tutorials for installing and downloading certificate and installing siri resources using  Many people have completed the installation process for siriport and siri certificate but unable to activate Siri on iphone 4, ipod touch or iphone 3gs. Some times siriport is not installed properly and some steps are missing therefore I suggest you to re visit this guide and recheck. If you have installed siriport properly the Siri option will be available in settings menu.

You can activate siri on iphone 4 by going to Settings —-> General —-> Siri —> On.  After this you also need to activate the location service by going to Settings —-> Location Services —> Siri—-> On.  

To run the Siri you don’t need to tap an icon actually it is running in background, only you need to hold down the Home button for a while or raise the iphone to your ear height and speak.



Sometimes these options are changed so you can try this combination. Go to Settings —-General —-International —-Voice Control, there you will find two sections Siri and Voice Dial Only. Select Siri for your language and Siri is set to work.


You will also need to activate Siri in location services go to Settings —-> Location Services —–> Scroll down to Siri and turn it ON

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dude i didnt get siri in location services...everyhing else just working great..any help!!!


Even if I do all the steps in your manual Siri says: I Can not Take Any requests right now. Please try again in alittle while. Do you have any solutions? Thank you.


 @MuhammadFarhan So this activation realy working on Iphone 4? im still not very sure about this porting, is it a hoax or it is realy Siri on iPhone 4.