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How to download Fifa 13 for iPhone,iPod touch or iPad free!

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A Simple tutorial on:

How to Download Fifa 13 for iPad Free

From the Day installous the software which downloaded Paid apps for free stopped working. All the people Who downloaded paid apps for free felt miserable. They couldn’t download paid apps for free. Of course it ¬†was illegal but Here is a legal way to Download them!

I am going to teach how to download paid apps for free by downloading Fifa 13 which is of $8 and why spend money when u can do it the easy way?

Well this is also not legal but still it counts as legal

Follow the steps below to Learn it…

Things needed:

The File which is to be downloaded is a torrent file so make sure u have bittorrent which can be downloaded here

You should also have iTunes which can be downloaded from the Apple’s Original site


  1. First of all go to this Site “Click me”
  2. You will get a new Web Page open. Inside it just click “Get this torrent”. Make sure u have opened bittorrent
  3. Next the bittorrent window will open and the downloading will start
  4. After the downloading finishes double click the downloading file inside bittorrent and the location of the file will open
  5. The File is iTunes or ipa file
  6. next open up iTunes and go to apps library and drag the file in it.
  7. The Game should appear in the library
  8. After that Plug in your device. the Device will come on iTunes
  9. Open the devices apps section
  10. In there u will see a sync button on the bottom left side of the window click it and the synchronization will start
  11. your app will start to install on your device
  12. After it finishes installing unplug the device and Start Playing…. ENJOY

Note: Many games can be downloaded by torrent. Just go to search and select games and from the right side of the search bar select the kind of device u want (select iOS).

I have also given a Video tutorial… Plz Like,Comment and Subscribe

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