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How to Fix iPhone Black/Blue Screen and long Boot Problem

June 19, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

We not only use our iPhone for calls or SMS but we are addicted to use it for many other things too i.e. games, apps, camera and etc. there is no doubt that iPhone is leading and excellent smartphone among the others but different people have to face different issues while using Smart Phones For example the most common problems observed in iPhone are:

iPhone is rebooted and stuck at load screen( or long boot), iPhone screen becomes blue or black after the charging, some time you connect your iPhone with PC, PC recognized but did not facilitate further and few similar problems. Mostly people suddenly get worried about such Apple Screen problems and think that their money is wasted but such issues are very easy to solve, you just have to do few things and then your problems will resolved. If you have such iPhone Black Screen and boot stuck type of issues then you are not the first person who is facing such problems,iPhone long boot and Black screen issues are very common and their solutions are very simple.

How to Fix iPhone Black/Blue Screen and long Boot Problem

So the solution of all these above mentioned problem are provided below, this solution may be some how similar to the jailbreaking of iPhone. But don’t worry this method will not jailbreak your iPhone it will  just fix the above problems.

Follow the below given instructions to fix iPhone black screen and iPhone boot stuck issues:

  1. First of all put  your iPhone in the DFU mode, to do this just open the iTunes and plug iPhone with PC via USB, when it is connected then press and hold Sleep and Home button together on iPhone.
  2. After 10 seconds release the sleep button but continue holding the Home button. After few seconds a pop-up message will appeared as shown below:fix-stuck-gray-apple-logo-and-blue-black-screen-death-your-iphone.w654
  3. Now you can either restore iphone and make it just like new or you can restore your iphone from a previously stored backup. So decision is your, select any of above way to fix problems.

How to Fix iPhone Black/Blue Screen and long Boot Problem

If  iPhone black screen and long boot problem did not get solved with the above method then there must be hardware problem with your device and you have to visit Apple store for its proper checking other wise above mentioned method is one of the best method to solve these problems.

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