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How To Fix iTunes Error 40 in Few Steps

April 5, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

iPhone user encounter with Error 20 or Error 40 when they try to restore device using the iTunes.  iTunes error 20 or error 40 occurs because of a security reason associated with the device and a middleware software.  On some machines a “hosts file” is blocked by apple from connecting to its server in order to verify the firmware. When iTunes tried to connect with server to verify IPSW then Apple software blocked it and give the error 20 or error 40.

It is very easy to solve the iTunes error 20 or iTunes error 40 on iphone, you have to just perform few steps and then you will able to restore your device easily and get rid of iTunes error 20 or iTunes error 40.

Requirements for fixing iTunes error 40

  • First of all you have to download the latest version of iTunes and click here to Download iTunes.
  • Secondly ensure that your iphone USB cable is not damaged and in a good condition.iphoneerror

How To Fix iTunes Error 40 in Few Steps

Step # 1: Close the all apps, games and other process on your PC or laptop.

Step # 2: Restart the Computer.

Step # 3: If an antivirus program is installed on your computer then stop it. Also turn off the firewall of your windows by going in to control panel and disable the firewall options.

Step # 4: Now open the “Folder and Search options”, then press the View and ensure”Show hidden files and folders” check box is checked. (This step is optional)

Step # 5: After the above steps, press the window key from your keyboard and write Notepad.

Step # 6: Right click on Notepad and choose to Run in Administrator.

Step # 7: Now click on the Open option of the Notepad at the top left corner and then browser to this folder “C:WindowsSystem32driversetc”.Fix iTunes Error 40

Step # 8: if the folder is empty then to display files change the option from “text document“ to ”All files”.

Step # 9: Click on the hosts file and then it will be open in Notepad.Fix iTunes Error 40

Step # 10: Delete any extra information that is not displayed in the above image or edit the file according to the above image.

How To Fix iTunes Error 40 in Few Steps

Step # 11: After editing the hosts file, save the file.

Step # 12: Now again re-launch the iTunes and plug your device with computer via USB.

Step # 13: Press and hold the shift key when you press the Restore option.

Step # 14: Again restore your device using a stock IPSW and this time you will not get any error message.

If you follow the above steps properly then 99% is chance that your problem will be solved and you will not get the iTunes error 40 but if still you get the iTunes error 20 or iTunes error 40 then try to change the PC.

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