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How To Jailbreak / Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – By Geohot

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The below procedure is very simple and can be used to root or jailbreak galaxy s4 active. The latest GS4 root has been provided by geohot who is a famous name in jailbreak community and now he has reappeared on the Android scene releasing the root for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

hit up on your devicebecause I’m too new to post linkssupporting for the next hour in #xda-devs on freenodeit’s my first android root, be kind. feedback welcome.

Below are the instructions on rooting your Galaxy S4 Active model SGH-i537 on AT&T.

First of all you need to enable the installation from unknown sources i .e go to Settings => More => Security and check “Unknown Sources.”

On your GS Active in the browser open this page and Click Here, or open from your device.

You will see a page as shown below now click the lambda sign to download the apk file.

root jailbreak galaxy s4

The file will execute and inform that rooting has been done.

Install Super user by visiting Google Play Store and download SuperSU, which is required to manage superuser permissions, nothing else. Only SuperSU currently can circumvent Samsung’s “root blocker” in the kernel.

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Is it possible that it might brick ur S4 or no? And does anyone know if it works for S3 as well? thanks in dvance


don't try this on other device it is only compatible for GS 4 active, you may brick your device.