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iOS 6 Will Provide More Features To Siri

June 11, 2012 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Today morning the WWDC started as scheduled and as expected Apple has announced the iOS 6 and demoed the next generation of the most famous and advanced mobile operating system i.e. iOS 6 is the next operating system the idevices will have.

Also as was perceived by many bloggers the most popular features i.e. Siri was also improved as part of the new upgrade. In addition to the many other features Apple has impressively improved the performance of Siri by providing the details of restaurants, sports stats and movies etc, and even now Siri can open the apps you want.

As part of the enhancements made to the Siri in addition to the added functions Apple also has integrated many more countries and languages in Siri.

This was a quick overview of the info which I got just now and decided to share with you, if you want to remain updated I suggest to join my blog and I will send every information right in your mail box once a day every day.

After release of iOS 6 as usual we will start talking about the ios 6 jailbreak and I promise I shall keep you updated on any news to jailbreak 6. So stay tuned and enjoy new ios 6.


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