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iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs (Video)

June 26, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs Video

So we all are wondering if the iOS 7 beta 2 is working fine or not? Well what we can say is that it is working and we updated it on our iPad without any UDID or developer account.

Well by the way it is working but still there are many bugs in them (Which we have shown in the video below)

The Bug that I Hate the most is that siri isn’t working! And that is not very satisfying

When ever I press and hold the home button siri comes up for about 0.5 seconds like just in blink of an eye it disappears

The second Bug which I hate the most is that many apps icons are not showing up

It is okay cause it is beta version and in beta version all this happens and about the app icon I transferred  my apps from library to iPad and I think Icons for these apps haven’t come out or haven’t developed till now

The Third bug is not a bug in fact it is the slow scrolling and often crashing

So Stay tuned for more videos and news…….

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