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iOS 7 Running On iPad – Leaked Video

June 19, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Although Apple has not released the iOS 7 for iPad but one YouTube user Rozetked has managed to run the iOS on his iPad and he has posted a video which appears to show iOS 7 running on the iPad.

There are many Apple lovers who really want to try the things even if these are not officially available the guy in this video must has implemented some tweak or trick to install iOS 7 on iPad or he might be tricking with us.

Have a look on below video and comment below about the look and feel of iOS 7 on iPad.

The new flat look of iOS 7 is really awesome when running on the large screen i.e. iPad and the new icons really feeling stunning when implemented with different gestures etc.

iOS 7 Running On iPad – Exclusive Leaked Video

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