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1.76 Billion App downloads in last week of 2012

January 2, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

iOS and Android both are very famous operating system for smartphones. Everyday million of app download from Apple app store and Google play marketplace, because both OS are the best and there are lot of app for these OS. Most apps are free of cost which is another positive point to attract users of smartphones to download much more apps. Last week of 2012, 1.76 billion app were downloaded from Apple app store and Google play marketplace according to new data from research firm Flurry Analytics. This is a big record at all time.


From December 25 through December 31, 1.76 billion applications were downloaded by iOS and Android users, up 65 percent compared with the weekly average of 1.07 billion between December 4 and December 17. On Christmas Day alone, 328 million applications were downloaded across iOS and Android.

Flurry’s data was taken from analysis it performed on more than 260,000 applications available on iOS and Android. The company claims to be able to detect 90 percent of all new devices activated each day, and its analytic service for developers is running on more than one-quarter of the programs downloaded daily on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play marketplace. All of that data is then compared to publicly available figures released by Apple and Google to maximize reliability.


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