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iPhone 5 Prototype Images

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iPhone 5 Prototype Images:

iPhone 5 is currently a hot topic, especially after the release of the real iPhone 5 images few days back and after the confirmation of expected iPhone 5 release date. Every body who plans to purchase an iPhone is now waiting for the next generation iPhone.

After the number of rumors and leaked images there has been many new things in the next generation iPhone that include new smaller 8 pin dock connector, in-cell display, metallic back cover and Bluetooth 4 connectivity etc.

iPhone 5 Prototype Images

iPhone 5 Prototype ImagesThese are the latest prototype images leaked in Thailand that resemble with the rumors and the previous iPhone 5  images released. 9to5mac confirms that these are nonworking iPhone 5 prototypes and pretty accurate as well. The images show that the next generation iPhone will have larger display with smaller dock connector. Watch these images and share your thoughts in comments.

iPhone 5 Prototype Images

iPhone 5 Prototype Images

The back fram of the iPhone 5 is of two textures one is metallic silver and white.

iPhone 5 Prototype ImagesIn the above picture the dock connector is smaller as compared to the previous models.

Do you think these are real prototypes or Chinese version of iPhone 5.

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