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iPhone Charging Interface in Your Pocket – Charge Card

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iPhone Charging Interface in Your Pocket – Charge Card

Many times we face the situation when we need to charge our iPhone but our charging cable is not available with us, mostly it is in our office, in the car or at home. Charge Card is a pocket sized charging cable in the form of a card.That easily fits in your valet. So no need to keep typical cable in your pocket and mess it up with your keychain.

Thanks to Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller who have designed and introduced a really amazing solution in the form of charge card to charge our iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using the USB from any other device.

Charge Card

Charging Card is A Smart iPhone Charging Cable

Like a typical iPhone charger charge card has two connectors one side is 30 pin connector that can be connected to iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, this connector is actually in build in the body of the Card. The second part is a flexible strip with USB connector that fits at the middle of the card and can be removed to connect to a USB port easily so total length of assembly becomes almost twice a credit card size.

Watch below video and enjoy:

The charge card right now is at prototype stage and is not available in the market, we hope soon we shall be using the charge card for our iPhones, iPod touch and iPads. Both the developers are running this project through Kickstarter project and once the mass production is started we shall enjoy this useful accessory soon.

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Max Kochanzhi
Max Kochanzhi

Honestly this is stupid. Suure the card is a little more portable than the usb cable but you lose the flexibility of the cable and have to keep your iphone in a certain position right by the charging source. No one carries around usb cables with them anyways, everyone i know has seperate cables everywhere they can charge their iphones.