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Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab Using z4root

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Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab

The below jailbreak procedure has been tested for Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab and jailbreak samsung galaxy S. Jailbreaking a Samsung Android device means rooting it and these two terms rooting and jailbreak are almost same i.e. getting access to the root of the device to perform many file operations not allowed in normal circumstances.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab worked without any errors. Galaxy tab and galaxy S have the stock 2.2 Froyo ROM. I downloaded the apk, transferred it on to a SD card and than copied it to my phone and ran it. I first tested it with the temporary root option. I have heard that the permanent root option does not work on some devices.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S

Here are the devices that are compatible with the permanent root option in z4root.

Samsung Galaxy S (All variants)Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab
Backflip jailbreak
Sony X10 jailbreak
Xperia Mini jailbreak
Droid 2 jailbreak
Galaxy Tab jailbreak
Galaxy I5700 jailbreak
Galaxy 3 I5800 jailbreak
Droid X jailbreak
Samsung Acclaim jailbreak
Cricket Huawei Ascend jailbreak
Motorola Cliq jailbreak
Huawei 8120 jailbreak
Hero jailbreak
G1 jailbreak
Optimus T jailbreak
Droid 1 jailbreak
Garmin Asus A50 jailbreak
Motorola Defy jailbreak
LG Ally jailbreak
Motorola Flipside jailbreak
Motorola Milestone 2 jailbreak
Dell streak jailbreak
X10 Mini Pro jailbreak
Smartq v7 android 2.1 jailbreak

The following devices do not work with permanent root option, however the temporary root option works

Desire jailbreak (requires nand unlock)
Desire HD jailbreak (requires nand unlock)
Magic jailbreak (unknown)
Evo  jailbreak(requires nand unlock)
G2 jailbreak (requires nand unlock)
Archos 70 jailbreak (unknown)
myTouch 3G  jailbreak(unknown)
Wildfire jailbreak
Droid Incredible jailbreak

NOTE: For z4root to work, the USB debugging option must be enabled. You can enable it from Settings.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S & Other Android Devices

If you can not find the USB debugging option, do not worry. Follow these steps

1. Download Launcher Pro app

2. Install it

3. Long press on the home button and choose Launcher Pro from the menu

4. Now the home screen should be running on Launcher Pro, long press on Desktop and choose shortcuts

5. Scroll down on the popup menu that appears and select “Activities”

6. Select “Setting” from the Activities menu.

7. Now select “Development”, it will create a shortcut on the home screen.

8. Press the back button or home screen button and go back to the home screen.

9. Press the “Development” shortcut.

10. You should see the USB Debugging option, you can disable or enable it, as you wish.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab Using z4root Download Links

How to make z4root work?

You do not have to resort to any fancy tricks, just copy it on to your phone or tablet and run it. The options in the app are self explanatory. If you are not sure, use the temporary root option.It will also install Busybox.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S & Other Android Devices

How Z4root works?

It uses a vulnerability in the Linux kernel, in which it takes advantage of a ‘Constant’ that defines how many child process or forked process a parent process can have. The exploit was coded by Sebastian Krahmer, it forks of processes till the fork() function fails, which indicates that the maximum number of process for the given UID has been reached.

The function now communicates with the parent exploit process and signals it to kill the adb daemon (adbd). This where it all goes sideways, when the adb daemon restarts, it starts with ‘root’ privileges and after some maintenance work it runs as a normal shell user.

Normally the process counter should decrement the number of processes for the root user, but, since process count is already at maximum after running the exploit, it will fail and continue running with root privileges.

Now the exploit connects back with the adb daemon and gets a root shell on the device. Pretty clever.

The exploit was named Rage-Against-the-Cage and is used by z4root.

What is the current status of the vulnerability?

The vulnerability is patched and the exploit will not work on the newer Android versions released after Android 2.2.

Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S & Other Android Devices

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