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How to Monitor iPhone or Mac System From AnyWhere using iPhone

March 4, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

iStat is very good application that can be install on your PC or Mac system, it support the Windows operating system, OS x and Linux. Simply download this app on your computer or iOS device and then you will able to see the details of your iPhone or Mac on iPad or iPhone. Once you installed this iPhone monitor app on your system then you will never need to sit in front of your system to monitor the statistics. This iPhone monitoring app is best for all those who are network administrators or those who want to monitor a remote desktop computer/ server continuously.

This iPhone monitoring application is awesome and provide the important information such as “device memory usage, temperature, CPU usage, fan speed and disk usage”. this iPhone monitoring application also collect the data related to the network usage and average load on the network. iStat 2 is second version of the first iPhone monitoring app (iStat 1) so it provides you more monitoring features that were not provided by the first version.This iPhone monitor app is one of the best remote monitoring app.

Mac or iPhone Monitoring App:

iPhone Monitoring App

iPhone Monitoring App

iStat 2 also allowed you to monitor the iOS devices, this is may be not so much appealing but it is good.  If you run this remote monitoring app on your iphone, iPad or iPod then you are able to monitor remotely your device “CPU, memory, remaining battery, internet use, audio playback and more”. This is a simple and best monitor for iphone.

This monitor for iphone app is available at Apple store and it is not very expensive. iStat 2 cost is only $4.99, This is a very good monitor for iphone that provides the many features so it is good alternate of your money. iStat 2 is very speedy, user friendly, simple and adaptable method of accessing and monitoring your Mac or PC from iPhone or iPad. You can monitor your System and iPhone from all over the world using this monitor for iPhone and Mac.

Mac or iPhone Monitoring App:

This Remote monitoring app shows the history graphs of your device, you can view the history of 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and even for the whole year. You can also download this iPhone or Mac Monitoring app from this link.

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