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Netflix And YouTube Launch AirPlay Competitor Called DIAL

January 23, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Netflix, online provider of TV shows and movies and most popular online video giant YouTube have joined forces to develop a new protocol, known as DIAL, which allows mobile apps to control apps on TVs that connect to the Internet. It means if you want to watch online video, movie or any TV show on your TV instead of your smartphone then you can transfer that video through your mobile to your TV by the help of DIAL protocol.


DIAL, which stands for Discover and Launch, allows apps on your smartphone or tablet to automatically bring up and communicate with apps on your TV. This makes it possible for you to launch the YouTube app on an iPhone, load up a video and click on a “Play on TV” button, this will trigger the YouTube app on the TV to launch and automatically play the same video. New Google TV devices already support DIAL and some 2012 Samsung and LG TVs do as well. More devices that feature DIAL support are expected soon.

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