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Now Playing Pop-Up For YouTube – Chrome Extension Notifies You

January 1, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

YouTube has many reasons to be famous among people like its playlist feature. This feature can be used by anyone to make a particular list of videos of dramas, movies, songs or tutorials available on the topic you want. This is mainly the reason why people like visiting YouTube because it makes it easy to the user to set video in queue to be watched later. Often people after setting their playlist, mostly in terms of music, set things in the background for playback as they work. But knowing which track has been played is important too. What it would be like if you do not have to switch through windows or browsers to check that out? Now take a glimpse of what is about to be played with a chrome extension named as ‘Now Playing Pop-up for YouTube’. It is a simple extension with a sole purpose of showing you the name of the video as its page loads, for this video does not even have to start buffering.

There is nothing complicating in its installation, just add it to Chrome and make your playlist on the YouTube, like you normally do, and you would start seeing notifications every time new video page loads.

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There are other extensions available too but this one is especially for playlists. Despite its usefulness, its function is limited as it only works for YouTube. Further, unless you are listening to songs it would benefit you otherwise there are chances that you will already have the window’s tab active.

We have previously covered a similar extension with name ‘Pandora Desktop Notification’ that had same functions and could work for both YouTube and Pandora plus for other similar services too. If developers are trying to keep things exclusive to YouTube then they should come up with something that allows user to control the playback options too from the notification bar.

If the developer wants to keep the extension exclusive to YouTube, they can consider providing additional controls in the popup that would allow users to pause the video and resume playback. Well if you are looking for a simple notification bar for YouTube then this extension will do the trick for you. Install from Chrome Web Store.

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