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iOS 7 Jailbreak Exploit Stolen – i0nic

i0nic tweets about exploit stolen for ios 7

There has been some news in the ios jailbreak community which I don’t know is a good news or bad news because Stefan Esser who is also known as i0n1c, has tweeted that someone close to the evad3rs team has stolen a very important iOS 7 jailbreak exploit and has sold it to a private buyer. His tweet is something like that “So apparently someone around the @evad3rs stole a jailbreak from them and sold it to a private buyer.” Discussions already started on such an important issue When asked by iDesignTimes about the allegation, evad3rs member pod2g said, “That’s complete bullsh–.” He also noted that “the jailbreak stuff is moving on, but slowly.” Esser has responded by saying, “LOL so a jailbreak news site asked the @evad3rs if someone stole their JB and they say no. How would they know if someone copied it?” “The only way the @evad3rs could be sure that no one stole their JB exploits is if they …

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All iPad Models Compared in Boot Speed Test [Video]

Google Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini

iClarified has published a new video on YouTUbe in which they have compared the boot speed of the iPad 1 vs. iPad 2. vs. iPad 3 vs. iPad 4 vs. iPad Air vs. iPad mini 1 vs. iPad mini 2. All seven iPads were freshly restored to the latest firmware possible (iOS 7.0.4 for everyone but the iPad 1), fully charged, with no SIM card inserted. The counter was started from the exact moment each device received USB signal and stopped as soon as slide-to-unlock appeared. Source

50 Commands Siri Can Execute [Video]

Below is a video that describes 50 voice commands that Siri can execute. I go over 50 different Siri voice commands on the iPhone 5S which help demonstrate what Apple’s virtual assistant is currently capable of. Siri was being used on an iPhone 5S running iOS 7 in the video. Note that the sequences have been shortened to keep a relatively fast pace. Take a look on below video and enjoy: 50 Commands Siri Can Execute [Video]

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4 RageBreak – Windows & Mac

jailbreak ios 7.0.4

Now you can jailbreak ios 7.0.4 on your iPhone 4 by using the limera1n jailbreak exploit that is still valid for iPhone 4 only on iOS 7. The tutorial below mentioned is not a perfect solution for most of the JB lovers because first of all it is tethered and poses the risk of a bunch of errors and glitches because the process itself is hectic. Secondly this is only compatible for iPhone 4 and people who are looking for a tool to jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 4S and later devices they are surprised to know why there is no jailbreak available for these devices. Actually injecting the limera1n exploit in iPhone 4 is only possible by using a script like they have done in RagebReak and it is not possible in A4 and superior devices due to more secure structure of their software and hardware components. In this procedure we put the device in DFU mode which is …

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Fly a Paper Airplane Using Your iPhone – PowerUp 3.0 [Video]

paper plane iphone

Wow what a great idea, and thanks to Shai Goitein, a pilot, aviator enthusiast, and industrial designer, who is the inventor and CEO of TailorToys. He created the PowerUp brand, releasing versions 1 and 2 of the PowerUp module. Teaming up with TobyRich to develop the Bluetooth Smart technology, PowerUp 3.0 was born. The PowerUp 3.0 module is made from a crash-proof carbon fiber frame. Its lithium polymer battery provides 10 minutes of flight on one charge. Since it connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth Low Energy the range is about 180 feet or 55 meters. A micro-USB port is used for recharging. How Does PowerUp 3.0 Work: ● Fold It: Simply fold a piece of copier paper into a paper airplane ● Attach It: Attach the Smart Module to your paper plane with the patented clips underneath the Smart Module. ● Connect It: Start the app to connect to the Smart Module with your iPhone. ● Fly It: Push throttle …

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