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How To Get iPhone 5S LockScreen On Android Devices

ios lockscreen on android

There has always been a little atmosphere when it comes to Android and iPhone users and we know disputes will never go away, if Android users do want a little iOS on their handsets look no further than the iPhone 5S Lock Screen apps. One may think why this is needed but this is true that many people like me even after migrating to Android would really love to have iPhone lock screen on an Android smartphone. This need has been now fulfilled by some Android apps that can provide iOS style lockscreen on Android devices including iOS 7 and iOS 6 style lockscreens. The first choice is a very beautiful app called iPhone 5s Lock Screen which you can download from google store using your Android device. Ever wanted a Slide To Unlock? Android device. This free and easy to use iPhone Lock Screen gives you a “Slide To Unlock” lock screen. Other features include high definition graphics, many backgrounds to …

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Watch iOS in the Car – iOS 7.0.3 [Video]

ios in the car video

iOS in the car is the latest hot feature that was introduced by Apple in iOS and later it was updated with more features in iOS 7.1 beta versions. Previously we saw leaked images of ios in the car by developer Steven Troughton-Smith. Now he has posted a video showing this new feature in real action by using a simulator for iOS 7.0.3. Apple has described iOS in the Car as follows: iOS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device — and the iOS experience — with your in-dash system. If your vehicle is equipped with iOS in the Car, you can connect your iPhone 5 or later and interact with it using the car’s built-in display and controls or Siri Eyes Free. Now you can easily and safely make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions and more. It’s all designed to let iPhone focus on what you need, so you can focus on …

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Never Seen Video of Steve Jobs – Public Demonstration of the Macintosh [Watch]


Below we are giving a rare video which is never seen before, the video is of the program in which Steve Jobs’ made first public demonstration of the Macintosh. The video has been embedded from whic was posted by Harry McCracken. Steve Jobs first demonstrated the Mac at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting on January 24th, 1984. However, many don’t know that he gave a public demonstration less than a week later for the monthly general meeting of the Boston Computer Society. The host of the event was Jonathan Rotenberg, a 20-year-old student at Brown University who co-founded the BCS in 1977. Read More via iClarified Watch the video below:  

Macintosh 128k Teardown By iFixit [Video]

Macintosh 128k teardown

In connection with the Apple’s celebrations of Thirty Years Of Mac, iFixit has posted a video of performing a tear down of the 1984 original Macintosh 128K computer. We have given below the video and few images. You can check the link for reading more and checking other images as well. The original Mac retailed for $2,495—that’s $5,594.11 in today’s dollars. So what did you get for all that coin? ● 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor ● 128 KB DRAM ● 9″ black-and-white CRT display running at 512 x 342 (72 dpi) ● 400 KB total storage via a single-sided 3.5-inch floppy disk drive ● Single-button mouse and hefty keyboard Repairability Score Macintosh 128K Repairability Score: 7 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair). ● Once you’re inside, it’s simple and straightforward to replace any of the main components: floppy drive, power supply, logic board, or CRT display. ● No adhesive anywhere. ● User-replaceable clock battery. ● Limited upgradability: The …

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Springtomize 3 Released for iOS 7 – Cydia Tweak

springtomize 3 download link

If you are previous Cydia fan you must be aware of the famous customization tweak called Springtomize. The tweak has been updated and released for iOS 7. The app is provided in Cydia by Filippo Biga who has explained that there are plenty of options to customize your device, the way you want it. From personalizing elements of the user interface to expanding the features of iOS, Springtomize 3 has got you covered. Springtomize 3 is the ultimate utility for your iDevice! It’s the only customization tweak you’ll ever need. It features plenty of options to customize even the smallest aspect of your device(s). Every single option includes a brief explanation of its effect, making it very easy to use. The whole application has been localized in 20 different languages, so everyone will be able to use it without an issue. Pricing and Availability: Since this is a completely new product, the price model applied is the currently: ● FREE if …

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Apple Celebrating Thirty Years of Mac

30 years of Apple

It is anniversary time in Apple where celebrations are going on regarding ‘Thirty Years of Mac’. Apple has released a new video, new homepage design, and timeline of Mac products.  In connection to this anniversary Apple homepage has been updated with the following message: Happy Birthday, Mac. In 1984, Apple introduced the world to Macintosh. It was designed to be so easy to use that people could actually use it. And it came with a promise — that the power of technology taken from a few and put in the hands of everyone, could change the world. That promise has been kept. Today, we create, connect, share, and learn in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago. Imagine what we can accomplish in the next 30 years. You can check below link to check out the 30-year timeline or watch the video below. Read More

ABC Teases Tim Cook’s Video Interview [Video]

Tim Cook

Before airing the complete interview of Tim Cook, ABC has released a teaser video clip of the interview. The interview was taken with Apple CEO Tim Cook, SVP Craig Federighi, and VP Bud Tribble.  ABC will broadcast  full interview on Friday, January 24 at 6:30 PM EST. In the teaser clip Cook’s statements reveal that Apple would like to expand its manufacturing of computers in the United States, plus confirmed news of a new Sapphire plant in Arizona run by GT Advanced Technologies.

How To Hide iOS 7 UI Elements

Hideme7 Cydia Tweak

Now you can hide the elements of iOS 7 which you don’t use or you don’t like to be displayed by using HideMy7 tweak which is released by CPDigitalDarkroom. HideMe7 is a one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements without the need to have half a dozen different tweaks installed. HideMe7 comes with a new preference panel which makes it easy to quickly disable/re-enable many different UI elements which you may or may not find annoying. Requests to hide more UI elements are accepted and welcome. Current included features include: LockScreen – Camera Grabber – Control Center Grabber – Date – Notification Center – Notification Center Grabber – Percent Charged Text SpringBoard – Icon Badges – Icon Labels – Icon Labels Except Folders – Dock Background – Page Dots Status Bar – Airplane Mode – Battery Icon – Bluetooth Batter Icon – Do Not Disturb – Battery Percent – Location Services – Bluetooth – Carrier – No Service/Searching – Data Networks – …

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7 App Free For Limited Time

free apps download

Below are the free apps of the day which you can download free of cost, remember these are for limited time only and can be changed to paid app any time therefore we recommend to check immediately.   Intro to Cursive, by Montessorium  Headstone Harry – Conjured Realms LLC Where’s My Mickey? – Disney 5coins – Spend Everyday – Yuzhou Zhu Cat on a Diet – Chillingo Ltd The Secret Of Space Octopuses – Midgar Studio iSlash – Duello Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.

Suits and Swords Fantasy Game Updated With Bug Fixes – Free Download

suits and swords free download

Suits and Swords is an excellent game which is presented by Sony Pictures Television. The game was yesterday updated based upon the original property. The Joker is back for revenge – and only YOU have the power to stop his destruction. Lead Captain Black Jack on an epic card battling journey to save the four card realms. Suits and Swords is more than a blackjack card game – it’s the elements of a role playing game combined with the strategy of blackjack creating an adventure that’ll have you addicted after your first battle. Suit up, double down, and join the fight! Below is a Video Trailer about Suits and Swords: ● Save the Four Card Realms: Travel through a rich and intriguing story of a world gone amiss and a hero who must do all he can to find the Joker. Fight through four lands – the Heart Union, Diamond Empire, Club Kingdom, and Spade Nation – and free the …

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