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Android Eats Apple Cydia Lock screen Theme

Android Eats Apple: This Lock screen Theme is a very good one cause it is having the logos of two competitors which are obviously Apple and Android. In this Lock Screen Theme The logo Of Android Comes which is a human kind of shape logo. he comes and there is a logo of Apple which he then eats and the logo is then shown in his stomach This Lock Screen Theme can be found in the default Sources of Cydia. This theme can be found in the source of Modmyi. as Shown in the video below… Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to be updated follow us onTwitter, add us to your circle onGoogle+or like our Facebook page. Advertisement

iOS 7 Features Review

iOS 7 Features Review We all are happy for the upcoming iOS 7 software and are excited because there is a new look in it which is known as ‘Flat Display’.Flat Display doesn’t make the screen flat but it is a name given to a simple and decent display. The New Features: There are many new features in it as I have tried the Beta 2 version of it and it did make me feel better but also there were many bugs as shown in the Beta 2 iPad features and bugs Video. There are new features but the major changes are The Siri and Multitasking. Siri: Siri is having a simple black background design starting from iOS 5 for iPhone 4s and iOS 6 for all the other iDevices. But the iOS 7′s Siri isn’t like that. It sure is the same software but the Changes in it are: The Siri Logo, Back Ground, Voice and a little bug …

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Expect More Than iOS 7 Jailbreak – P0sixninja

Here comes a cool breeze for the long waiting jailbreaking community this time again from p0sixninja, this indicates a big breakthrough in regards with the iOS 7 jailbreak. P0sixninja has informed through a latest tweet that we should expect more than the jailbreak this time which itself has proven that he has got something which already includes the jailbreak for iOS 7 and now he is waiting for a final release of the new ios version. Joshua hill has been from long the integral part of the jailbreak community and especially the jailbreak teams and no one can deny his role as a major contributor to past ios jailbreak solutions. Few months back after the release of iOS 6.1.3 & 6.1.4 he informed us that he already have sufficient stuff to jailbreak 6.1.3 & 6.1.4 but he will not want to waste his jailbreak exploits which he will preserve and use them later after release of final version i.e. iOS …

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iOS 7 New Feature Enables Head Gestures (Video)

Most of us are aware of the new stylish flat design of iOS 7 with many many new features. After release of iOS 7 beta 2 there are still new things coming out on daily basis and now we have come across a new feature that is found in settings and called Switch Control although it is mainly intended for disabled persons who can utilize the iOS 7 devices using this feature but as a common user this can be a fun to control your idevice by moving your head. If you are one who is currently testing iOS 7 beta version you might be able to discover and check this new feature just go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Switch Control and turn the feature on, now using this feature one can interact with iOS without anything but a small head gesture. U can see the Demonstration Video below

Photo Organizer Pro Tweak with new Features and iPad Support

When  iPhone users give feedback and suggestions about apps, games, tweaks, problems, goodness, improvement and demands then it is not only beneficial for the users themselves but also for developers. Most developers wait for the user’s feedback to introduce new features and improvements in previous versions. It is the case with this new released Photo organizer tweak. On jailbreak user’s demand and feedback, developer Loadscotland update the previous app with a new tweak and introduces new features, more preferences and much more. Photo organizer Pro tweak has only developed by looking the demands of users. Previous version of photo organizer was released in February, which has the options of Cut, Copy, remove and organize photos in photos apps. But the new Photo organizer Pro tweak has the previous features as well as comes with new too. Photo Organizer Pro Tweak is Releases with new Features and iPad Support Prominent features of Photo organizer Pro tweak are present below: Just shake to automatically delete items and …

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iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs (Video)

iOS 7 Beta 2 on iPad New Features and Bugs Video So we all are wondering if the iOS 7 beta 2 is working fine or not? Well what we can say is that it is working and we updated it on our iPad without any UDID or developer account. Well by the way it is working but still there are many bugs in them (Which we have shown in the video below) The Bug that I Hate the most is that siri isn’t working! And that is not very satisfying When ever I press and hold the home button siri comes up for about 0.5 seconds like just in blink of an eye it disappears The second Bug which I hate the most is that many apps icons are not showing up It is okay cause it is beta version and in beta version all this happens and about the app icon I transferred  my apps from library to …

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How To Enjoy Right-Click Like Behavior On iPhone Home Screen

Many important things which Apple is not providing to its customers are provided by the jailbreak community. I am really appreciate the new and excellent ideas of tweaks developers, I think developers daily read the feedback of Apple users and depending upon their problems and requirements they developed such innovative tweaks. Today a new tweak is added in the Cydia store with name “Icon Tool”. Icon Tool is just like the right click on your windows screen, Icon Tool tweak allowed you to right click on home screen icons and perform basic task such as open, explorer, remove, copy, cut and few more. It is not difficult to use this Icon Tool tweak, To enjoy the right click behavior press and hold an icon until it start jittering, then immediately different options just like right click will appeared including the “open an  iFile”, “start app”, “remove app” and such more. How To Enjoy Right-Click Like Behavior On iPhone Home Screen Right click Tweak Now developers are trying to …

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How to Toggle iPhone Ringtone Mode to Silent and Vibration Quickly

Most of time my iPhone is on vibration mode and rarely I turned ON the ring tone of my iPhone. I have many reasons of always putting my device on vibration, but some time when iPhone vibrate its vibration is too much disturbing and irritating that I have to quickly switch it into silent mode to get rid of this stupid vibration sound. Similarly, many other people do not like vibration disturbance in different situations so for all of iPhone users who want to switch between ringtone and vibration quickly now use a very good tweak is available. Claimi tweak is new released jailbreak tweak that enable you to switch easily between the ringtone and vibration mode as well as vibration and silent mode. Claimi tweak is very simple to use and do not have much settings and configurations, Ringtone and Vibration tweak has the option of Enabling and disabling of it self. When you install this Ringtone and Vibration tweak then you can see a beautiful coffee icon of Claimi tweak in …

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How To Install Android Market On BlackBerry PlayBook [Complete Guide]

The tutorial below will help you on how to run Android applications on PlayBook just like regular PlayBook applications. Although many of the apps are already available on BlackBerry App World, but the can be some which you are looking for and are still not available on App World, so you can chose to go through below process to getting the Android Market and other Android apps running on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Note: To get Android Market on BlackBerry Playbook, your PlayBook should be rooted. Check this tutorial to root / jailbreak BlackBerry PlayBook. Without root access you won’t be able to install the necessary files using a free tool called WinSCP. Once the PlayBook is rooted then you can use an application called DDPB to sideload a single Android app to your PlayBook. You will use Honeycomb Launcher to initialize the Android system on the PlayBook. After that you will use WinSCP application along with a bundled app called PuTTYgen to gain access to the root directories on the BlackBerry tablet. Then you will download …

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