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Latest iPhone 6 Concept [Video]

iPhone 6 concept bazel-less front glass

Here comes a new iPhone6 concept which released by SET Solution, this is the latest concept for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that aims to be realistic representation of the rumored device. On the web there are tons of rumors about the new iPhone 6. We’ve tried to choose all the almost realistic feature, and we’ve made this video: Introducing iPhone 6! Our model is 132.7mm high, 65.2mm wide and 6.0mm thick. The display of the cg iPhone 6 is made with a superstrong sapphire crystal, it has a resolution of 1920×1080 and it is 4,7-inch big. We’ve thought also at the rear camera: 10MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture lens. Below is the video of the subject concept, have a look and enjoy the forthcoming iPhone 6.   Follow @Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak If you want to be updated follow us onTwitter, add us to your circle onGoogle+or like our Facebook page. Advertisement

Evasi0n Updated By Evad3rs

download evasi0n jailbreak for ios 7 free

Most of the people are at the moment looking forward for the release of iOS 7.1 jailbreak but evad3rs have updated the existing version with an added support for the iOS 7.0 build 11A466. If you are still on iOS 7.0 up to 7.0.6 you can use the existing version for jailbreaking iOS 7 but people who are already on 7.1 are still unlucky to avail the facility of ios jailbreaking, although winocm has demonstrated that he is running ios 7.1 jailbreak on iPhone 4 and iH8snow’s tweet saying that his iPhone 4s is already jailbroken on iOS 7.1 untethered. But we can not say that this situation will leed to a legitimate release of a tool to jailbreak iOS 7.1 untethered or tethered. Most probably the chances of 7.1 jailbreak are not much because jailbreakers would like to keep their exploits for final version i.e. iOS 8 jailbreak instead of releasing the 7.1 jailbreak for short period. Read More

Winocm Hacks iPad 2 To Triple Boot iOS 5.1, iOS 6.1.3, and iOS 7.0.6.

larger iPad Pro Release

Below is a video in which we can see Winocm booting his iPad on three operating systems as mentioned in the subject, it seems that Winocm has hacked his iPad 2 in order to boot iOS 5.1, iOS 6.1.3, and iOS 7.0.6 on it with some trick. Few days back Winocm released a video in which he claimed that iOS 7.1 jailbreak is done, there are also news that he will be joining the Apple. Have a look on below video and enjoy:      

RoomScan App For Floor Planning [Video]

free apps download

Now you can use the new app called RoomScan which is an app that lets you draw floor plans by just touching each wall with your iPhone. The free version of RoomScan lets you scan walls to get the dimensions of a room; whereas, the pro version lets you add doors as you walk around and connect rooms together to create a floor plan. Features: • The floor plan appears in seconds, with approximate wall lengths and floor area. • RoomScan can draw floor plans of L-shaped and complex rooms just as easily as small rectangular rooms. • Measurements are estimated to the nearest 10cm (or half a foot if using feet). • For super-accurate instant floor plans, use RoomScan in conjunction with a laser measure. Just tap a wall on the finished floor plan and input your measurement. RoomScan intelligently combines its own measurements with yours to create a perfect plan. • Add doors as you walk around the …

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Asphalt 8: Airborne Updated – Download

Asphalt 8 Airborne updated Free Download

Asphalt 8: Airborne has been recently updated with Twitch live streaming and a new Great Wall location. The best iOS arcade racing game series reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine!  LUXURY DREAM CARS • 47 high-performance cars (80% NEW!) • Top licensed manufacturers and models like the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R • Newly recorded high-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion. GET AIRBORNE • Hit the ramps and take the race upward • Perform barrel rolls and wild 360º jumps • Maneuver through the air while pulling off stunts NEW EXOTIC LOCATIONS • 9 different settings, such as Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada Desert & other exciting locations! • All tracks available in original and mirror variations in Career mode • Discover plenty of hidden shortcuts NEW FEATURES FOR SPEED FREAKS • 8 seasons & 180 events in …

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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Done!

iOS 7.1 Released

Unexpectedly it seems that iOS 7.1 jailbreak has been done because Winocm who is jailbreaker has posted a video on YouTube demonstrating an untethered jailbreak of iOS 7.1. The video demonstrates the untethered jailbreak on a Verizon iPhone 4 (n92). At this time there are not much details available but it seems that he has some exploits or tricks which he has applied to show us this video. iH8Sn0w has aldo tweeted in response of winocm @winocm does this mean I have to bust out my camera and shoot an untethered 7.1 A5 boot? Have a look on below video and comment what you think about this video on iOS 7.1 jailbreak.

Official gameplay trailer for EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup

FIFA 2014 Gameplay Trailer

EA SPORTS has released Official gameplay trailer for 2014 FIFA World Cup. ’The World Is Ours’ by David Correy is the official Coca-Cola anthem of their World Cup 2014 campaign.All the teams participating in 2014 FIFA world cup has been included in the new game. The game will be launched in North America on April 15, 2014, Europe on April 17, 2014. Have a look on below video and enjoy:

New Apple TV Touch Concept

Apple TV Touch Concept

Below is a brand new concept Apple TV named as ‘Apple TV touch’. This concept is created by CURVED/labs that features a touchscreen remote. The main attraction is the revamped remote control, completely redesigned as a touch device that might be wirelessly rechargeable via Apple TV. iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c are still functioning as remote controls as well. Additionally, a separate App Store for Apple TV should be available. With 9,8 x 9,8 cm, it comes in the same size as the 2-year-old 3rd generation, but will be even thinner with 1,67 cm. We expect models to be available in grey, gold and silver. Other imagined features include 4K support, HDMI 2.0, A7 processor, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, DVD Audio, SADC, Dolby Digital Plus, True HD and dts-HD, 32 channel audio, and1536 kHz sample rate. Read More

How Fast Tech Companies Make Profit – Watch Live

Profit making of technology companies

If you want to know how fast giant technology companies are making profit or loss now you can visit the website from below link. The website shows animated graphic figures that shows how quickly the top tech companies generate revenue and profits. This web application is created by worldpayzinc, while I visited the site it showed that Apple made 70,231 $ of profit in one minute as compared to $23,161 from Google and $41,458 from Microsoft. You can check this amazing website by visiting this page and then clicking the play button.

iPhone 6 Leaked Specifications

iPhone 6 concept bazel-less front glass

Sonny Dickson is known for leaking the authentic news about the Apple products and previously his predictions were proven true. Now he has revealed some specifications for the iPhone 6 on the Twitter with a hashtag of #JustSaying. The specs were shared via a series of tweets on Twitter: ● iPhone 6 will be 0.22 inches thick #JustSaying ● Ultra-Retina screen will be 389 ppi #JustSaying ● The new Apple A8 processor will run at 2.6 GHz. #JustSaying ● These specs could be the real thing #JustSaying What do you think of the alleged specifications? In comparison, the iPhone 5s is 0.30 inches thick, has a Retina Display with 326 ppi, and an A7 processor that runs at 1.3GHz. Read More The figures leaked by Dickson are really awesome and people are looking forward to know more about the next generation iPhone6. Meanwhile there are reports that Pegatron is set to start mass production of the iPhone 6 in the second quarter of this year at …

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