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Picasound app for iPhone – Your kid will smile before every picture

January 20, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

When you take pictures of your child you want to make your child smile for picture but they will not even look at your iPhone, let alone smile for it. You are trying your best that your kid look at your iPhone and also give a beautiful smile for a picture, therefore you have to make some noises, jumping and embarrassing yourself but more often you don’t get success. To resolve this issue Picasound app is very effective. Picasound app make animal sounds for your kid to make them smile for a photo. First of all download this app in your iPhone and then launch the app and scroll through the available sounds until you find one you think will work. Press and hold the shutter button to begin playing the sound. Once your child is smiling, lift your finger and Picasound will take the picture. Your’s kid smiling picture will be automatically saved to gallery and you can also share your photos to ¬†Facebook, Twitter and send through email in this app. There are four different version of this app, ranging in price from free to $3.99. Only difference in every version is to add more sounds, in a free version there are four type of sounds. Picasound app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires 4.3 iOS or later. You can download Picasound app from App Store.

Picasound app

Picasound app..

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