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RAZR M, RAZR HD XT925 & Electrify M XT901 4.1 Jelly Bean News

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Who does not like updating their handsets? Well if you are an android owner then this becomes necessity as Android updates are fully loaded with new features, the features which you cannot afford to miss. Continuing with the update news, Motorola has recently declared that it will be carrying on with sending JellyBean update to all its users in the first quarter of year 2013. Company has also updated its page ‘Software Upgrade New’ that is loaded with interesting and useful information for Motorola users. There Motorola has added the information regarding the devices that will be receiving the update for Jelly Bean and this is expected to happen in the coming months.

The devices that are recently added on the page includes European RAZR i XT890, Electrify M XT901 (U.S. Cellular), Australian RAZR M and Canadian RAZR HD XT925. However the exact dates of the release have not been revealed that is why we would have to wait for that information to arrive.

Motorla devices new Jelly bean 4.1

The recent updates provided by Motorola in November are Android 4.1 for Atrix HD and Jelly Bean for RAZR M as well as RAZR HD. Whereas in December, RAZR MAXX and DROID RAZR also got updates.

It is good to know that Motorola is progressing and adding devices on its web page that can receive updates but it is also disappointing at the same time that it has only added four devices so far. We hope that it soon add some other good devices like Droid Bionic, PHOTON Q and Droid 4 etc. Let us see what Motorola decides to do in coming months. Stay tuned with us to keep yourself updated with authentic news. We assure you that it will be worth keeping you tabs on this new update.

Source: Motorola

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