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Redbox Instant – Browse Movies & Bookmark Favourites (Download)

December 21, 2012 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

New Redbox Instant, the Netflix alternative of Verizon and Redbox, has been launched and is available on the Google Play store. This app helps in browsing through movies to stream, reserve and bookmark your favourites so that you can watch them later either on your phone or tablet. It is easy to use and completely affordable.

However, right now this application requires an invite code to access it. This code can also be requested from the official website, but you cannot be certain to get one until you receive it. New applications are always hard to get but not a single penny is required on Redbox Instant subscription and it gives you one free month. However, in the start of second month $8 per month will be charged.

The services that they give in return are worth giving $8 subscription fee because you will be provided four monthly rentals from Redbox along with unlimited movie streaming. Furthermore, on paying an additional dollar, your Redbox rentals will be turned into Blue-ray discs. However, gaming rentals are not yet included in the package but there is a hope that it will be soon.


The price paid for the package certainly seems low as compared to services you get, but it should be noted that as compared to the developed streaming of Hulu and Netflix, Redbox Instant provides only limited collection to select from. Furthermore, it is also only available in United States.

Many of you may be thinking that Verizon is required for using the new services of Redbox as they both are partners, which is not true. It does not require Verizon phone or Internet subscription.

This new launch is not only limited to Android but can also support LG smart and Google TVs, iOS, Samsung Blu-Ray players and other TVs with SmartHub.

It’s available on Google Play for download. Are you going to try it out? Feel free to leave comments.

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