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Replace Battery icon with Circle icon and Battery Percentage

April 15, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

If you think to download a tweak from Cydia and without reading the reviews, issues and details of that tweak then actually you are taking a risk. It is bad idea to just see a good name of tweak and thinking it will work for you and installing on device. Many tweaks on Cydia store have bugs, errors and compatibility issues. If you installed any such damaged tweak on your iPhone it may slow down iPhone or your apps start giving error at the time when you launched them.

I just installed the battery percentage icon tweak on my iPhone and shows to my friends then they are so surprised and asked me how I do this. Actually, with a battery percentage icon tweak I changed my traditional battery icon with round or circular icon.

Replace Battery icon with Circle icon and Battery Percentage

Live Battery Icon is a new released tweak that enables the jailbreak user to replace their iPhone default battery icon with new battery icon that display the battery icon in circular or round shape as well as show the remaining battery life in percentage in the center of the circle.

Live Battery Icon tweak

Live Battery Icon Tweak

Philp Wong develops the Battery percentage icon tweak, he is also the founder of many innovative tweaks. Live Battery Icon tweak is available free of cost for all iPhone users. Live Battery Icon tweak have no effect on the any other function of any app, it is just to replace the traditional battery icon with circle with percentage written on it.

Replace Battery icon with Circle icon and Battery Percentage


Live Battery Indicator

The good thing of Live Battery Icon tweak is that iPod users can also enjoy the battery percentage icon on their devices because by default they do not have any icon. Live battery icon is a simple tweak that merges the details of battery in circular icon and enables the jailbreak device user to enjoy the new interfaces. After installation of battery percentage icon tweak if you have the any issue about the size and position of the battery icon then just customize the settings.

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