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Rumor says budget iPhone will be without Retina Display

March 23, 2013 | Leave a comment(1) Go to comments

Who does not know about the budget iPhone and its emerging markets? It is the phone that everyone has been talking about and would surely want to have a piece of it. As we know it is a called a budget iPhone because it will be cheaper than its ancestors and this phone will be launched for the users who could not afford having an Apple iPhone. It was pretty obvious that price cut cannot be done without letting on some expensive features. By just changing the body of an iPhone and its pixels will not just shave the price. If Apple really wants to cut down some serious price then it will have to exclude some major features like Retina display. It was brought our notice through a writing of an analyst to clients on Friday (an unreliable source).


He also predicted that the both of Apple’s phones (iPhone budget and iPhone 5S) will be launched in June or July. This was reported by an analyst, Amit Daranani, of RBC Capital Market. AppleInsider made this information available and it reads that AAPL will be launching the iPhone5S along with an iPhone, which is reasonable in price, in late Q2 or early Q3. Further the information added made it clear that it will be an iPhone in a plastic body without Retina display and it will be 4 inch iPhone. However the price of this iPhone will be around $400. He also added that this iPhone will specifically hit the growing market of the smartphone world.

On this note, another analyst predicted the same thing about the budget iPhone.

Other analysts are not so sure about a non-Retina budget iPhone. But a renowned name of this area id Ming-Chi Kuo and he reported that it will have 4 inch Retina display and its body will be a mix of glass fiber and plastic.

Do not know what to believe and what to deny. Can’t wait, what do you feel about budget iPhone?


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